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Mexico – Deputy puts forward online gambling initiative for Mexico

By - 13 January 2020

A federal deputy and member of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) administration Ulises Murguía Soto, has put forward an initiative to allow for online gambling.

The initiative seeks to reform online gaming rules by amending Mexico’s 1947 Federal Law of Games and Sweepstakes.
In justifying the need for change, the legislator explained that online gambling sites take advantage of existing loopholes, meaning that players are uncertain whether the site where they are is betting is entirely legal and above board.

Under the new proposals the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB) would authorize gambling and online gambling sites, which would mean better player protection measures, would help safeguard against underage gambling and prevent money laundering.
Online gambling regulation would fit in under the scope of new rules and regulation over the industry now being considered by Senators belonging to the ruling left wing party who have put forward proposals to increase taxes on gambling, change online gambling rules and place more control at a federal level.

Online gaming has been permitted via special license in Mexico since 2000, but only land based operators have been allowed to offer their services locally. The growth of casino-style gaming has led to an increased interest in betting online and growth is also being driven by sports betting as well.

Major changes look likely in the sector as the central government seeks to gain more control over the industry while state governments grant licences without the authorisation of SEGOB. Last week the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, publically came out against the establishment of new casinos saying that the government will obstruct licences that are being granted by local governments in court.

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