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Mexico – Mexico to launch inquiry into casinos

By - 12 April 2013

Events continue to move at a fast pace in Mexico as the government continues to increase its scrutiny on the casino industry.

In the first meeting of the Special Commission charged with looking into the issue law makers have agreed on pushing forward an investigation into the casino industry specifically the granting of licences by SEGOB, the body which is responsible for the handing out of licences.

Deputies from seven political parties in the first working meeting of a Special Investigative Commission, which has been charged with the investigation of the federal government’s past involvement in the issuing of licences, agreed that immediate action was necessary. As previously reported this comes at a time of growing controversy when it comes to the granting of licences amidst calls that licences have been trafficked by former members of SEGOB.

In introducing the draft work plan approved by the Special Committee, it was agreed that the Commission would investigate the operation of the agencies responsible for issuing permits throughout Mexico.  Chair of the committee and member of the Citizens Movement Party (Movimiento Ciudadano), Deputy Ricardo Mejia Berdeja told press that the ultimate goal of the commission  was  to deliver a report to the Chamber of Deputies and propose legal measures, policies or legislation. Members of the committee have agreed also to urge the Attorney General’s Office to initiate investigations into SEGOB. As part of its duties the newly created commission will also request a report from SEGOB as to the status of the organisation’s own inquiry into the handing out of licenses in every municipality in Mexico.

The establishment of the 11 person committee was in direct response to a complaint put forward to the Standing Committee earlier this year by Deputy Ricardo Monreal (Movimiento Ciudadano). Monreal denounced irregularities when it came to SEGOB’s issuing of licences during the last months of the Calderon Presidency in 2012.

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