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Paraguay – Agreement signed to promote Paraguay as gaming destination

By - 20 July 2015

Paraguay’s Minister of Tourism Marcela Bacigalupo and President of Paraguay’s Gaming Commission Javier Balbuena have signed an interagency cooperation agreement that aims to coordinate action, knowledge, criteria and efforts to promote the development of tourism based around gaming.

Through control mechanisms implemented to comply with current legal regulations the agreement means that the boards may promote the development of events aimed at promoting tourism and entertainment through gambling.

Javier Balbuena said the joint work of the two institutions will lead to the orderly development of both tourism and gambling, due to the close relationship that already exists between tourism and the gaming industry, specifically, casinos.

Through the agreement the tender of a number of new casinos will be allowed which will lead to the the generation of jobs and increased resources for the state.

The Minister for Tourism said that the agreement will be key in opening up the border areas, such as Ciudad del Este as a tourist destination which will be enhanced through casinos and hotels. But in order to grow stricter regulation for the gaming sector must be put in place so that new areas can be developed which will attract tourists seeking leisure and entertainment, as well as business tourism.
“In terms of spending we are not only talking about gambling, but also accommodation, transport and food,” Mr. Bacigalupo said.

The agreement aims to put into place strict mechanisms for compliance of current legal regulations when it comes to gaming and the promotion and the carrying out of events aimed at promoting tourism and entertainment through gambling.

Both institutions will collaborate to develop the project together. The agreement is effective from the date of signature and will be in effect for the next two years.

The announcement comes on the heels of a number of recent developments in the gaming industry in Paraguay. Last week CONAJZAR also announced that it will expand the bidding process for casino licences so that the process will now include a new tender process for a second casino in capital Asunción.

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