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Pronet Gaming: tailored to fit

By - 25 November 2021

Off-the-shelf solutions are a thing of the past with a custom approach quickly becoming the norm.

Tommy Molloy, Sportsbook and Trading Director at Pronet Gaming, highlights the importance of localisation and the latest innovations in making it a reality for operators.

Although it may have worked in years gone by, the idea that an iGaming company today can offer a one-size-fits-all product to an emerging market is one that must be debunked.

It implies that there is such thing as an “average player.” Entering markets, particularly emerging ones such as Africa and LatAm, with this concept at the fore could be disastrous for any operator – the wide variety of player types and connectivity infrastructures now present in any given territory means a broad targeting approach is unlikely to satisfy the specific needs of any given bettor.

The very notion of “average” is synonymous with a lack of quality. Attention to detail is imperative; if the customer believes there has been a lack of effort in the offering put before them, the overall success of the operation will be jeopardised.

The implication that an off-the- shelf solution could be rolled out in multiple markets with no distinct identity is outdated – the modern-day operator must present today’s customer with bespoke propositions in line with their expectations.

An offering must be tailored to the local operator and its audience – generic content distributed with the aim of pleasing everybody will, in fact, have the opposite effect. It is all about offering each jurisdiction the solution to their specific needs, whether that is giving players their own local leagues and teams or the Premier League.

The level of choice available in the modern world is such that customers can afford to pick and choose the product that best fits their needs. Half measures will be identified as such, and subsequently avoided.

Localisation, and by extension player profiling, is what sets an offering apart from the competition, and this is something that Pronet Gaming prioritises – most prominently displayed in our recent addition of proprietary Popular Bets and Popular Events widgets.

Showing players the market’s current top-10 bets and top-10 events, automatically refreshing every five minutes, the Popular Bets and Popular Events widgets work at an operator level, not platform-wide. This means the betting options that are presented are determined according to each site, given the operator’s traffic, offering advanced customisation for Pronet Gaming’s clients across the globe.

It is important for operators to avoid over- reliance on one vertical. Our experience in mature markets, especially as they approach higher levels of saturation, is that differentiation is key to separating the wheat from the chaff.

Localisation is vital, therefore; fragmented regions like Africa can exhibit vastly different player profiles and demographic trends, meaning a detailed knowledge of the intricacies of each market is essential.

Our new widgets promise flexibility of use, allowing operators to display to different areas of their sites, and is optimised for both mobile and desktop.

Crucially, they auto-populate according to an operator’s markets, creating a hassle-free, personalised engagement tool. This follows our highly engaging and successful sports betting widgets that were rolled out ahead of Euro 2020 and Copa América.

Familiarity with the specific needs of operators and consumers is the ethos that Pronet Gaming is built on, and our people understand the individuality of the markets they are working in. As such, we have been able to develop our new widgets to intuitively react to the needs of different regulated markets.

This is especially useful for tier one operators with multiple sites in multiple jurisdictions – the operator is safe in the knowledge that player engagement is being consistently enhanced, with players constantly being shown the most popular bets and events at any one time.

With an operator-first approach, they can differentiate from one another effectively. This is an important aspect to highlight – the top-10 bets and events are made distinct from operator to operator, creating a truly bespoke experience.

An offering such as this is evidence of our competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, but our eyes are always fixed on continued evolution. This commitment to frequent advancement is displayed in our approach to UI/UX.

By taking note of the types of UI/UX different markets prefer, and paying close attention to our findings, we have developed solutions with flexibility and localisation at their core.

Operating in multiple jurisdictions, these cutting-edge widgets can build easy and simple player experiences that are tailored towards their specific needs and requirements. The impact is an offering that enables operators to gain an edge against the local competition, increase revenues and boost market share.

The new Popular Bets and Popular Events modules illustrate Pronet Gaming’s commitment to localisation and innovation in emerging markets, where we are quickly establishing ourselves as the go-to platform provider.

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