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Reactivating players gives gaming a boost

By - 4 April 2017

In a competitive industry, reaching your players – particularly online – can be challenging. Today’s consumer is bombarded with email, phone, text, messaging apps, social platforms and even traditional mail from a multitude of different brands on a daily basis.

There are so many channels that brands end up over messaging in an effort to keep up and, as a result, customers are switching off. In fact, recent studies show that customers are now actively ignoring brands that spam them with poorly targeted communications. For iGaming companies, the challenge is not only to grab attention but to convert new players, build loyalty and reactivate passive ones. One of the most common problems is clients registering for welcome offers but never making a first deposit.

Lost opportunity
A non-deposit client is a huge opportunity. However, it can be costly if these individuals fail to convert into a recurring depositing client. Not only is the significant initial investment wasted on prospecting, often the follow up activity is too. Multiple emails might work, but this also risk spamming prospects and turning them off.

Many companies looking to gain the competitive edge in the industry, are turning to automated personalised communication platforms, that combines voice and text in a more personal and relevant way to ensure higher engagement rates. At Wiyara, we truly believe that individual communication needs to be more humanlike to be successful.

As any marketer will tell you, they would love to speak personally to each and every customer to ensure the best possible service. However, if you run a large business with thousands of customers, this just isn’t possible.

The power of voice
Voice is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated, and should be a critical part of the communication strategy. You can still take advantage of the benefits of voice without having to phone each customer individually. Combining automation with voice and tailored texts mean the approach remains human, but is powered by technology to work effectively at scale.

Pre-recorded voice calls offer a great way to deliver hyper-personalised messages that can adapt to individual interactions. We use professional speakers recorded in a studio to ensure the highest quality. Often this provides a good opportunity for brand ambassadors to further enforce brand identity. Triggers such as birthday calls, seasonal campaigns or sports event triggers give you a compelling and timely reason to send out a communication. Even other events like royal weddings, Eurovision song contests or even the presidential elections, give players a reminder to re-engage.

All voice messages are combined with a smart flow of SMS messages, adapted to each individual’s behaviour in real time. For example, if a player hangs up early into the call, the SMS adapts to provide them with a longer message to ensure they don’t miss out on the information. This approach enabled Betit to identify why these players had not been depositing, and offer them targeted incentives to start.

Relevance is key
It’s not just about how you say it, it’s when you say that also matters. The Wiyara Cloud uses data to optimise and predict when as well as what and how to communicate a specific message to individuals to maximise its effectiveness. The technology adapts and reacts to individual behaviours during each interaction to make the conversation as human as possible.

The service is designed to work alongside the customer relationship management (CRM) and campaign management tools already in place at most iGaming companies. It does this as part of the existing campaign engine but adds a layer of sophisticated triggered communication. Using push functionality, the results are fed back into the back-end or campaign engine, enabling clear visibility on the ROI.

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) mean that new data is constantly fed into Wiraya’s algorithms to optimise communications over time. In our experience, this type of approach averages four times higher conversion compared to using traditional forms of communications such as email and post. At the same time, customers are benefiting also from more tailored offers. The result is increased revenues as well as reduced churn.

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