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Searching for the strongest operator at ICE

By - 5 January 2018

GameAccount Network (GAN) the leading developer and supplier of enterprise-level B2B gaming software and online gaming content, is issuing a challenge to find gaming’s strongest operator at ICE.

In keeping with its ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ stand theme, the company is putting up a special trophy for the ICE visitor who records the highest score on a traditional fair ground style strength machine which has been sourced specially for the duration of ICE. Explaining the promotion, GameAccount Network Commercial Director Daniel Lindsay said: “We are going to ICE on the back of what was a transformational 2014, underpinned by our ability to deliver powerful gaming solutions and thanks to our agility as a smaller, fitter company – deliver them extremely quickly and effectively.”

GAN will be using ICE primarily to showcase the huge strategic and commercial benefits of its unique Simulated Gaming offering to land-based casino operators. Explaining the benefits Lindsay said: ” It (Simulated Gaming) is a social gaming product off Facebook which allows players to purchase virtual credits enabling them to play their favourite slot and table games on a website which may be connected to a land-based casino. It’s perfect for land-based casinos that want to offer a form of online gaming in an environment prior to real money gaming legislation being in place. Our patented iBridge technology allows for an integration into the land-based casino management system which, in turn, allows rewards to be made to players who buy credits online if they have a land-based loyalty card – and where allowed.

“Simulated Gaming drives incremental revenue in three main ways. Firstly and obviously, a stream of players buying virtual credit packages online to play slots and table games. Secondly, in doing so, it re-activates lapsed land-based players and drives them back to the land-based venue for gaming and associated in-venue activities. Finally, it generates new land-based players who may have played online and want to visit the bricks and mortar site. There is a classic accelerator effect for the casino as well as a brand new revenue stream.”

The international make-up of the ICE visitor base is a major attraction for the company which has a clear global vision:  “One of our main strategic aims lies in continuing the penetration of our free to play slots product in north America” said Lindsay.  “However, outside of that, we will be launching in Australia later this year and in the real money regulated markets we will continue to develop our business by providing the very best in breed games for our operating partners.  Asia remains a very interesting market despite the complexities, the sheer scale of the opportunity there means it can’t be ignored.”  He added:   “Our main challenges, and these aren’t unique to us, are dynamic regulations and the somewhat stuttering nature of the roll-out of real money gaming in the US.  However, this is also a very positive note for GameAccount as in fact, our free to play solution can be offered without the need for real money regulations to be in place.”

It’s not just land-based casino operators that are being targeted by GameAccount as Daniel Lindsay explained: “We constantly search for, and are approached by new content developers looking to get their games online.  We offer a quick and efficient route to market, which means these companies can get reach to market in a short time frame and exposure of their games with some of the biggest regulated and licensed operators globally.  Content is King and we have what we believe is the strongest portfolio of casino and slot games in the market.”

He concluded: “The key business objectives are to drive our Simulated Gaming products globally, help land-based content developers move their games online in a quick and cost efficient manner, continue to build on our very strong position in the regulated Italian market – where we will be adding new operators in 2015 – and deliver best-in-breedcontent wherever our Internet Gaming System is deployed. Simulated Gaming has the potential to be the online phenomenon of 2015 and we are going to ICE in confident mood on the back of hugely successful showings at both G2E Las Vegas, and G2E Asia.”

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