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Slovakia – SYNOT expertise to take SLOV-MATIC online

By - 27 July 2020

The SYNOT Group has taken a capital share in Slovakian company SLOV-MATIC, the largest gaming operator in Slovakia. The deal brings together two powerhouses in the market, with SYNOT currently the largest gaming equipment and software supplier in the country.

“SLOV-MATIC is the top gaming operator in Slovakian market. Therefore we decided to join our forces,” said Miroslav Valenta Jr., Synot Group Sales Director. “We are ready to put international experience into our joint project and high-level technology, which we supply to dozens of countries all over the world in the land-based and online sectors. We believe that this will lead to the strengthening, further growth and even better outcomes for both parties.”

Both companies employ more than 1,000 people within Slovakia and expect to create new job opportunities as part of this deal. Both brands are held in high repute in the gaming industry and as SLOV-MATIC prepares to enter the online market in Slovakia it anticipates leveraging its connection with SYNOT to the full.

“SLOV-MATIC has operated for 29 years in the Slovak market. SYNOT group has also existed for almost 30 years. Both parties have been able to create strong and respected companies during this time,” stated Jana Kelementová, Managing Director, SLOV-MATIC (pictured).

“The gaming business in Slovakia is going through a turbulent time period due to constantly shifting legislation. We have felt the need for change for the last two years that would – in sports terminology – bring fresh blood to our team.

“We really appreciate this capital share agreement with SYNOT Group. We want to participate together to further boost the attractiveness of our current offer to our customers thanks to this connection and with the help of modern technologies and know-how from both parties.

“Our next step will be to utilise the expertise of our new business partners in the online sector with which SYNOT has extensive international experience,” said Ms. Kelementová.

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