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Spain – CONFAD approves plan to tackle betting fraud

By - 30 July 2020

Spain’s National Commission to tackle the manipulation of sports competitions and betting fraud (CONFAD) has approved its national plan for the period 2020-2021, with four main areas of work and the objective of covering a wide spectrum of actions.

The head of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Mikel Arana, said: “The increasing relevance and constant evolution of the manipulation of sports competitions and betting fraud demonstrate the need to have an effective approach in the fight against this practice.”

In addition to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs – through the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, DGOJ – CONFAD brings together representatives of the Higher Council for Sports, the National Police, the Civil Guard, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, LaLiga, Association of Spanish Soccer Players, Bet365, Sportium, Codere and GVC Holdings.

The National Plan to combat the manipulation of sports competitions and betting fraud articulates a total of 21 measures for the years 2020 and 2021, which are structured in four areas of action: Analysis and diagnosis, Dissemination and awareness, Control and monitoring, and study of current regulations and operations.
Analysis and diagnosis area: Emphasises the need to improve knowledge about the phenomenon of manipulation of sports competitions and fraud in betting, to prevent fraudulent practices. Its eight measures will lay the foundations for a first objective knowledge shared by all the members of the Commission.
Dissemination and awareness area: Athletes, coaches and other participants in sports activities, as well as any relevant actor in the field of gambling, must be widely aware of the current legal framework, of the limitations to which they are subject and of the existing risks and threats in this area.
Control and monitoring area: Its four measures aim to improve the monitoring and follow-up activities that currently exist, promoting the channels of information transmission and the joint work of all the actors and entities involved in the fight against manipulation and fraud.
Study of current regulations and operations area: Ensures that the legal framework is adjusted as closely as possible to reality. Its permanent updating is especially important since the situation is exacerbated by constant change and technological innovations.

The DGOJ recalls that in the prevention, investigation and repression of crimes related to the predetermination of the results of sports competitions – related or not to betting – the collaboration of all the actors affected is essential: the prosecution, the forces and the security forces. of the State, national regulators, federations and organizsers of sports competitions, operators and providers of gaming services.

Since its creation, the DGOJ has been collaborating with the judicial police in the analysis of betting information. In this framework of police collaboration for the fight against match fixing and sports betting fraud, the DGOJ has collaborated in several operations, including Bitures, Oikos, Cort├ęs, Pizarro, Eldense and Futures.

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