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Stakelogic Live: The smoothest of transitions

By - 23 December 2021

In October, Stakelogic announced its Live Studio grand opening in Malta and launched a new corporate website for its Live division. The website will provide information about its growing suite of live dealer games which are streamed from a state-of-the-art studio in Malta, including a full list of titles in its portfolio as well as detailed game sheets for each.

Visitors will also be able to catch up with the latest news about Stakelogic Live as well as browse job opportunities within its live dealer team. The new Stakelogic Live website comes shortly after the company revealed a brand redesign forming part of wider efforts to capture the company’s transition from a B2B slot studio to a provider of casino content for all stakeholders, including players.

The Stakelogic Live portfolio currently consists of multiple tables covering games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and game shows. Each table is set against a glamorous and opulent background while highly trained dealers host each game and interact with players.

Anthony Sammut, Head of Live, gives G3 the low-down on how the live team was formed and explains why pre-launch demand has already necessitated the construction of a second studio to be underway.

Earlier this year, Stakelogic expanded its product range into the live casino space. What’s the thinking behind the move?

Well, first of all, many of our clients have asked Stakelogic to offer Live Casino products. Secondly, Live Casino is a huge market. For that reason alone, Stakelogic should be addressing the Live Casino market.

When was the idea for a live casino division first conceived? Whose suggestion was it?

As part of a strategic orientation beginning in 2020, new game concepts, with live game elements, were developed and evaluated. The idea to move into Live Casino was incepted during brainstorm sessions with our sales and development teams.

How long did it take to build the Stakelogic Live division? What skillsets were you looking for from the specialists you have brought in-house?

Around two years. Almost all front and back-end development work is done by the Stakelogic development centres in Serbia and Ukraine. Therefore, we were looking for typical live casino specialists – people with skillsets we did not have at that time within Stakelogic.

We hired a team of senior managers with many years of experience in the live casino business. Subsequently, these people hired experienced studio engineers, risk and fraud managers, team managers, services managers, trainers, etc. In hindsight, building a good live casino team went rather smoothly.

Stakelogic has a well established reputation for slots. What challenges do you face in growing industry awareness and the same level of respect for your live division?

Stakelogic will establish its reputation as a Live Casino supplier in the same way it did as a slots supplier. The ingredients for success are:
. A huge passion for online games;
. Investing the time required to provide the ultimate player experience;
. Meeting customer requirements by listening to clients and players.

What type of live dealer experience are you striving for?

We aim to provide the live dealer experience that will make players play longer and which players will subsequently return to play more. For this, the games should provide a high entertainment value within a unique casino ambiance. In the end, players need to like our games more than the games that are already there. Therefore, Stakelogic will differentiate from the current live casino product offering.

The Stakelogic studio environment will of course offer a different atmosphere. But most important, the Stakelogic live game shows will be new and different, very much linked to existing Stakelogic products and features. Last but not least, the table games will have a typical Stakelogic touch.

What does Stakelogic Live currently consist of? What games are available?

Live game shows, automatic live roulette, live roulette, and live blackjack, with more games under development.

Evolution has pioneered the gameshow genre with the likes of Crazy Time. How is Stakelogic’s approach to gameshows going to differ?

Stakelogic will not copy game concepts that are already out in the market. Stakelogic will offer typical ‘Stakelogic live products’, that is, a fusion of traditional table games with typical Stakelogic game elements. Our live games shows are new, different and not comparable with existing games. Players will immediately recognise that.

How has your live casino offering been received by clients?

Very positive. Although we have not actively marketed our live casino products yet, many of our existing clients have already signed up for Stakelogic live casino products. Because of this we are already building a second live studio.

What are your immediate and long-term plans to expand your live suite?

Our immediate plan is to go live with our first clients soon. Long-term in this industry is six months. In six months, both our studios will be fully operational serving thousands of players 24/7. We will start with three live game shows and over time will expand our live suite with more.

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