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Switzerland – Swiss Casinos to get a new CEO

By - 16 August 2017

Swiss Casinos will get a new CEO next year with Marc Baumann taking office on January 1.

He will replace Peter Meier, who will retire from operational activities on December 31. Mr. Baumann contributed to the reorientation and success of the Zurich casino.

Swiss Casinos stated: “After more than 20 years of very successful development work, Peter Meier will retire on 31 December 2017 from his duties as operating director (CEO) of the Swiss Casinos Group. Highlights of his activities were the economically successful construction of the casinos in Schaffhausen, Pfäffikon and St. Gallen, the allocation of the coveted casino concession in the inner city of Zurich and the realization of the successful restaurant George.

“The Board of Directors is delighted to present Marc Baumann, the current Director of Swiss Casinos Zurich, with an experienced personality from his own ranks as the new CEO of Swiss Casinos. Marc Baumann has repositioned the Zurich Casino in a very short time and positioned it extremely successfully on the market. He will take up his new job on January 1 2018.”

Marc Baumann’s successor as Director of Swiss Casinos Zurich will be Marcus Jost, currently the gaming manager of the Zurich casino. Marcus Jost has proven experience in the management of casinos. Prior to joining the Zurich casino, he was a five-year gaming manager and deputy director of Swiss Casinos St. Gallen.

Earlier this year, Melanie Spring was appointed the new director of the Schaffhausen Casino, Thomas Cavelti as the new director of the Seedamm Casino in Pfäffikon and Alexander Szabo as the new Managing Director of the George restaurant. The successful new appointments from our own ranks reflect a solid, future-oriented personnel policy at Swiss Casinos.

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