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Transdniestria – Gaming changes in ‘unrecognised’ state

By - 2 January 2013

Amendments to the law “On the activities of gambling establishments” have come into force in the Republic of Transdniestria, the breakaway territory located on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. The parliament passed the bill in late October 2012, which has since been approved by the president of the unrecognized state. The amendments provide for changes to the article ‘The state regulation of the gambling establishments’ activities in the organization and management of gambling and betting.’ This involves the launch of a new special authorised body regulating the activities of the gambling establishments.

The operations of the new authority will be open to public, i.e. the media will publish clarifications of all matters relating to the law on gambling, information about the cancellation, suspension or renewal of licenses. The regulatory body has the full range of powers relating to the licensing and registration of gambling establishments. It is authorised to monitor the activities of licensees, request certain information from the entrepreneurs, send the appropriate requests to other government authorities, file a motion to the court seeking to cancel licenses. The law ‘On the activities of gambling establishments’ in Transdniestria was adopted in 2005. At present, the country has several ‘gambling establishments.’

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