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Trueplay: Is player trust iGaming’s biggest issue or a new business opportunity?

By - 21 July 2022

Both online and offline gaming industries have always faced the problem of players’ trust.

Whether it’s an old good ‘one-handed’ slot machine in a bar or a super modern sophisticated website with dozens of features, the user’s trust issue is the same. Instead of accepting ‘good luck and bad luck’ moments, players shift responsibility to casinos by stating that everything is rigged.

It has always been difficult to create a perfect solution for this matter. Regardless of what license the casino has and how good are the reviews on different platforms. Leaderboards and transaction history do not really help much, as those instruments are not totally transparent either.

How do you make them transparent? How can players be 100 per cent sure that the numbers they see are real and there was no one or nothing involved in presenting those results in an honest way?

Blockchain comes in to help

Today, blockchain can be used in many industries, including iGaming. Blockchain technology enables casino owners to transfer the usual leaderboard and other attempts to show the casino’s income into a totally transparent layout. Users can easily access transaction history, find needed transactions and verify them immediately. How?

When any information is written into a blockchain, it can’t be edited or deleted, ever. Every transaction happening on a platform simply can’t be changed. A player can go check what bets they did and their results, other players’ results, total casino income, etc.
What’s the catch?

If blockchain technology is so great, how come casinos haven’t implemented it already? Some casinos are accepting crypto or implementing some other aspects of blockchain, but are not using the technology in full. The answer is quite simple: it is expensive and time-consuming. The creation of a blockchain casino from scratch is a nightmare: there’s difficult architecture, extremely pricey blockchain developers, rules and regulations, licenses, etc.

Also, the ROI of this investment is highly questionable. Boosting players’ trust is great, and we all want it, no doubt. But what about income? Will the casino really benefit?

Blockchain solution by Trueplay

A perfect way to implement blockchain technology without having to build an entirely new casino has been found. Trueplay is a solution, which meets the requirements of the current needs of iGaming and doesn’t need any investment. Basically, Trueplay is a great option for iGaming operators and players.

Casinos can add to their platforms an iFrame widget with tokenised loyalty programmes that reward players with crypto tokens explicitly created for their brands:

Play To Earn

Players receive crypto tokens for bets, regardless of whether they won or not. In this way, players will never see “zero” on their balance and will continue betting.

Hold To Earn

Received crypto tokens can be multiplied by holding, similar to the classic crypto staking. The reward pool for this program is based on the platform’s income. If it was positive this day, the holding will bring additional income to users. But even if not, users don’t lose anything and just continue playing.

What’s the best part about it? Absolutely zero investment and a quick start.

Trueplay integration looks like this:

1) A casino representative registers at the Trueplay website, creates a unique crypto token, and requests access to the widget (free and takes 48 hours);

2) Crypto tokens are given to players for bets and staking;

3) Players start trusting the casino because they can see and verify any transaction through the Trueplay Blockchain Explorer;

4) Players love the casino, play more, and deposit more.

Not only are crypto tokens unusual and unique for players and easy to introduce from a marketing point of view, but the transparent explorer available on the widget increases users’ loyalty.

Trueplay has created something truly innovative for the iGaming industry. It’s a blockchain solution but without the need for blockchain technology on the casino’s side. There’s crypto but without the need for casinos to get a special license. It increases the platform’s KPIs but doesn’t require investments.

Simply everything casinos need in one simple widget. You can try the Demo version of Trueplay and see how it works by clicking here.

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