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UK – Genting gaming floor underpinned by network

By - 25 February 2013

Gambling with bandwidth blockages is no longer a problem for Genting following the rollout of a superfast fibre optic network from Virgin Media Business.

The new network stretches from Edinburgh to Plymouth, linking its headquarters in Birmingham with two other corporate offices and delivering connectivity to over 40 casinos and 3600 employees.

High-speed network access is now available in all of Genting’s casinos and underpins its gaming floors and poker rooms. Genting wanted to move to a scalable, robust and superfast network to link its different casino sites together and generate more capacity for customers. The new network will mean that Genting’s employees will find it easier to access data and communicate in real time with their colleagues. There’s plenty of capacity meaning that specialist bandwidth-hungry casino management applications run like clockwork, and the IT team can concentrate on creating more innovative services.
In any casino the stakes are high, so managers can’t afford to drop the ball with a loss of connectivity. The new connection has choice and freedom at the very core, enabling the IT team to increase or decrease bandwidth as and when it’s needed. Now any promotional events or high customer demand can be easily accommodated without ever jeopardising performance, whether that’s on the gaming floor or behind the scenes in the server room.

Max Lintott, Head of IT, Genting Casinos UK said: “Our network is a pivotal platform for our business, so we don’t want to take any risks. The previous generations of data networks were coming to the end of useful life and we need a service that’s going to provide the bandwidth we need now and in the future. We’re committed to giving our customers an incredible experience when they come into our casinos, and that means that every game and entertainment system must run without a hitch. Virgin Media Business has gone above and beyond by providing us with 24/7 care. As a result, we’re much more confident in our ability to provide the quality service our customers and business expect.”

Lee Hull, director business markets, Virgin Media Business said: “Genting wanted a network in place that’d pay out every time, ensuring staff could do their jobs as quickly as possible. We’ve been able to deliver a fibre optic network for the same price as the previous copper based network giving a huge boost to productivity and the customer experience. By investing in the right technology, businesses like Genting can stay ahead of the competition and give staff and their customers the best possible experience.”

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