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UK – i-depsys goes live with Genting

By - 7 March 2013

The unique cash counting, validation and storage solution, i-depsys, has concluded successful trials with Genting UK and received orders for additional units to be installed at Genting Casino locations around the country, including Liverpool, Reading, London Mint and StarCity. The installation represents the first order for Intelligent Deposit Systems, a company established by gaming industry professionals with the intention of developing the world’s first table integrated Intelligent Drop Box.

i-depsys is a cash counting, validation and storage device that can help protect and secure cash at all stages of its journey from customer to croupier, to cash-in-transit company, and finally to the cash centre and bank. IDS have been developing and testing the i-depsys machine to ensure the product is fully robust and auditable, this market-ready product’s principle goal is to give operators greater control and flexibility through improved information, and the ability to know the true cash position of their business in real-time. At the same time, i-depsys handles cash in such a way that it eliminates the need to physically count the cash at the end of the day, offering operators significant benefits through labour savings or redeployment of resource to create efficiencies.

“We originally planned a 90 day trial with Genting, however, upon installation our initial accuracy levels of 99.76 per cent were not where we or Genting wanted the product to be, so we spent time improving the accuracy of the product to 99.9 per cent and beyond,” states i-depsys’ Andrew Beddoe. “Genting’s commitment to i-depsys during this period has been a vindication of their belief in this product and that we’d deliver the results they are looking to achieve.”

The initial eight trial machines were prototype models with IDS currently laying the tooling for full production and installs throughout March/April. Genting has  taken the decision to install i-depsys on every table at three of their casinos and on eight of their busiest tables at Star City as part of a preliminary roll-out, expanding the machine base to evaluate further all of the operational benefits. ”

“We are the only company handling and managing cash the way we do,” stated Mr. Beddoe. “We have learned a great deal from working with Genting  in a live trial environment. We have dramatically improved the i-depsys machine both mechanically and by adding intelligence to the units to handle every eventuality. Categorically, the live-trial environment has been invaluable to us. Nothing can compare to a live environment and I don’t think we would have progressed to this stage without the commitment and strong relationship between IDS and Genting Casinos UK.”

Dave Scott, General Manager, Star City commented: “We are extremely pleased with the performance of the i-depsys units and the efficiencies they have created for the business. We have made changes in procedure to accommodate the new system and have reaped significant operational benefits as a result. By using i-depsys I can now put my count staff back on the casino floor to make money not count money, by opening additional tables.”

Essentially the i-depsys unit accepts, counts, validates deposits and secures all cash tendered at the gaming table into a secure tamper-proof pouch, is given a unique ID number and can then be sent straight to bank. It’s this streamlining of the process that is so attractive to casino operators and the banks have also stated that it allows them to streamline their own internal processes too.

The difference between estimated and actual drop can always be debated with industry average figures accepted as 3-5 per cent, but often higher. It’s this inaccuracy that is targeted by potential fraudsters. Eliminating the opportunity through improved processes and real-time, accurate reporting of both cash and machine, means that i-depsys is a management tool that makes logical sense to operators.

“We currently have trials due to start in Australasia in the very near future and we are commencing in Macau, Malaysia and Australia,” said Mr. Beddoe. “i-depsys is a home-grown success story that’s proving its abilities at home and abroad.”


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