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UK – Innovative Technology launches automated age-verification innovation

By - 8 January 2019

Innovative Technology has announced a brand-new innovation, ICU; a state-of-the-art age verification device that automates the policy for controlling access to age restricted purchases and premises.

Using intelligent biometric algorithms; ICU verifies age for the purchase of restricted products such as alcohol or over 18 premises such as Adult Gaming Centres.

Tony Morrison, Sales Director – Retail & Kiosk said: “We are delighted to bring this exciting new product to both the retail and gaming markets where we are already well-known and trusted. We have used our expertise and some of the technology from our well-established cash handling products and applied this to create an automated age recognition device which uses intelligent biometrics. Automation is key; with retail self-service check-outs a key application where both customers and retailers can benefit from automating the age verification process for restricted purchases, speeding up purchases for customers rather than having to wait for an assistant to approve. ICU is a standalone unit, there is no need for customers to pre-register, providing a seamless
service for the end user.”

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) applied in Biometrics is being widely used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. The camera in ITL’s ICU captures an image of the customer and uses biometric identification to recognise and verify age. It does not store any images or personal data so there are no implications for GDPR and no privacy concerns for the operator. ITL acknowledge that age restrictions for different products and premises vary from country to country. This global product can be easily tailored to meet the age restrictions and specific regulations of any country.

Mr Morrison added: “As with all our products, security is high on the agenda. We have ensured that ICU uses the latest 3D anti-fraud system to prevent spoofing attacks. The 3D system allows the unit to distinguish been a picture and thereal person’s face, providing reassurance to our customers and preventing spoof attacks. ICU has been on trial for some time now in various applications with excellent results and we know the market will be impressed.”

Expanding on the benefits, Dr. Daniel Lonsdale, ICU Product Manager, added: “The data science behind reading and
verifying banknotes is highly applicable to automating the age verification process, so we’ve got our 26-year history behind us. There are many benefits to the operator, but the main aim is to improve the customer experience by speeding up the age verification approval process. This in turn will result in increased throughput and revenue as customers move through the purchase process at a faster rate. Implementing ICU frees up staff time, reducing the staff levels required for either age-restricted purchase approvals or stopping entry to age-restricted premises. Lowest cost of ownership is ensured as the software required is included in this standalone unit and there are no 3rd party fees or ongoing costs. No expensive hardware is needed, and integration is simple as the device can mounted horizontally or vertically.”

Mr. Lonsdale concluded: “A.I. is changing our lives in so many ways these days, from note validation technology to our mobile phones, so it is with great excitement that we bring this new revolutionary product to the market to
automate the age verification process. Many times, I have waited for (human) authorisation at the checkout for
age restricted products, whereas today with ICU, we can know immediately whether a person needs to present ID
or not. For the customer, this brings a better experience, for the operator, more income and lower costs, and for
the integrator, a considerable product differentiator. It’s win-win-win, and we look forward to working with those
who want to adopt this technology. We will be previewing ICU at both NRF in New York and EAG in London in
January so look forward to the visitor reaction and feedback.”

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