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UK – Interblock ready for next chapter of gaming following ‘wonderful’ ICE

By - 28 February 2023

Interblock enjoyed a ‘wonderful’ ICE with the launch of its Bonus Wheel Roulette, the next step in Mechanical Roulette.

The new standalone product was also a customer favorite at ICE London 2023. Its dual-wheel bonus system incorporates the thrill of playing traditional Roulette with the opportunity for players to win payouts up to 250 to 1.

When players bet on any of the four bonus gems and the ball lands in the selected bonus gem pocket on the main wheel, a secondary bonus wheel spins to determine the amount of the bonus payout awarded to players with multipliers up to 250 times. 

With the bonus round occurring approximately one in every ten spins with payouts more than seven times higher than that of a traditional Roulette wheel.

John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock, commented: “This year’s ICE Show proved to be more than we could have anticipated. The show proved to be well attended and the energy we experienced in 2019 had clearly returned. It was a testament that the casino sector has recovered and is ready to open the next chapter for gaming.”

“In addition, all of us at Interblock are very proud to receive the Award for Best ETG Product by the European Casino Awards. Our new Bonus Wheel Roulette is the next step in Mechanical Roulette innovation and to be recognized by the industry is truly an honor,” he concluded. 

Gorazd Golob, Senior Vice President of Interblock’s Product Expert Team, added: “The excitement surrounding our big win and the overwhelmingly positive feedback and popularity of Interblock’s ICE booth was beyond our expectations. We were visited by most of the Casino groups from EMEA and even those from APAC, LATAM, and NA. The Pulse Arena and Stadium products’ innovative technology, simplifying usage and operation, impressed our existing and future customers. At the show, we introduced our new Blackjack Xtreme, an elevated game of Blackjack.”

ICE London 2023 also provided the European Market its first look at Blackjack Xtreme, Interblock’s adaptation of the traditional game of Blackjack, with up to nine additional wagers to choose from and a wide variety of winning card combinations.

“In a region dominated by Roulette and Blackjack, many customers at ICE London were remarkably intrigued by Interblock’s Live Craps, due to the authenticity of the product and ease of dealing the game,” Interblock added. 

Interblock reinvented and improved the Live Craps experience in which a single dealer deals to an unlimited number of players in ‘an electrifying and engaging Stadium environment.’ 

The dealer invites one player to step up to the traditional craps table to shoot the dice while the other players cheer and root. Fully automated payouts and dice-tracking technology enhance the security of the game while creating what the developer labels as a unique gaming experience.

Customers also took great interest in Interblock’s new ETG Craps game, Pick2Win Craps. With three distinct colored cylinders to choose from, a player chooses which two, out of three, dice will ultimately determine the result of each roll. 

Available as a traditional Community game of Craps, with one designated shooter, or individually in which each player selects their own dice, Pick2Win can be played as a Standalone game or in a Stadium configuration. 

“Overall, all Interblock products on display at ICE London 2023 were recipients of tremendous praise by the industry, solidifying a clear victory for the company,” Interblock reported.

Marco Herrera, Interblock President of EMEA, said: “It was great to see ICE back in action, with so many familiar faces, and the largest Interblock booth ever. Our products shone under the intimacy of our private booth, allowing us to consecrate time to our customers, and showcase our many innovations. It was a wonderful show.”

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