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UK – ITL launches ICU Lite offering biometrics via USB

By - 22 June 2021

Innovative Technology has launched its latest biometrics solution, ICU Lite, a compact version of its ICU Pro, enabling operators to add age verification & facial recognition-based functions to a machine via a convenient, plug-in USB device.

Using biometric technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, ICU Lite connects to your individual host machine or terminal such as kiosks, self-checkouts or gaming machines.

Dr Andrew O’Brien, ICU Product Manager said, “We are delighted to bring this product to market after a period of intense product development to create a compact biometric solution. Our ICU Intelligent Identification technology has been developed over a number of years and our ultimate goal was always to be able to offer high quality biometric measurements in a low cost, easy to use solution. ICU Lite is easily integrated into a host machine. You simply connect a camera to the Lite and plug the Lite directly into the host machine. All processing is done locally on the ICU Lite so no additional processing power for host machines is required, and an internet connection is only needed for set up and updates. Functions include age verification, facial recognition, face covering detection and gender identification, and each ICU Lite can be customised with two of these functions depending on your specific need.”

Christian Czeskleba, Senior Business Development Manager for ITL, added: “The benefits of ICU Lite are impressive. Installed at machine-level, it can be utilised in a variety of terminals such as kiosk, self-checkout, gaming machines, vehicles or cash safes – anything with restricted access. It protects children from accessing age restricted goods or services, staff from intimidation or abuse, identifies premium or excluded customers and allows authorised staff access to machinery, vehicles or even safes. Lite can be used as a multi-factor authentication tool using 1:1 comparison to verify users’ identity, comparing ID photographs such as a passport or driving licence to the person presented to the camera. It can also be utilised for financial services to assist with Know Your Customer
(KYC) obligations ensuring customers are who they claim to be. Plus using gender identification, organisations can take advantage of targeted advertising.”

Dr O’Brien added: “This edge solution can transform your standard USB camera into a Smart Camera to intelligently identify your customers with a world class level of accuracy and speed. Spoof detection comes as standard, and as with all ICU products configuration is via the user-friendly management suite. Facial recognition does not have to be complicated. ICU Lite makes these smart functions accessible to all in a compact, affordable solution. It has a one-off cost with no reoccurring charges making this an inexpensive way for any business to utilise the advantages of biometric technology, no matter what their size or available resources.

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