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UK – London Clubs lets PIMS-SCA take the risk

By - 18 February 2013

Risk management specialist PIMS-SCA has recently completed two campaigns at two southern-based casinos owned by London Clubs International both of which helped drive visitation onto the gaming floor.

With an enviable wealth of experience across the promotional marketing, digital, gaming and sports markets worldwide, PIMS-SCA works on the ethos that the lure of big cash prizes draws players online and into casinos.

In November 2012, The Empire Casino wanted to drive additional customers to the casino on Tuesday evenings. PIMS-SCA designed and insured the Royal Flush live event. Each week casino visitors entered their name into a draw to take part. One lucky person was selected to go on stage, choose five security envelopes from the Royal Flush game board and reveal a poker hand. If they revealed a Royal Flush they won £250,000.

Each week, members of the Leicester Square based casino submitted their personal details into a prize draw for the chance to play the £250,000 Royal Flush game.

Four-of-a kind paid £10,000, a Full House £2,500, a Straight £1,500, Three-of-a-kind £1,000, Two pair paid £750 and One Pair paid £500. PIMS-SCA supplied the game concept together with security sealed envelope game pieces as well as guidance on creating the event game board.

Prize Coverage for the £1m prize fund was secured by PIMS-SCA who paid out for any winners with the Empire Casino covering the One and Two Pair prize levels.

A PIMS-SCA representative oversaw the event to ensure a secure activity and on-hand to process the winning selections. The Empire Casino enjoyed two cash prize winners; a £1,500 Straight winner during the second week and a Three-of-a-kind £1,000 cash winner on the last evening.

London Clubs International was so pleased with the activity it ran the promotion at their Rendezvous Casino in Southend too; this time offering a £100,000 Royal Flush per week. Prize Coverage for the £400,000 prize fund was secured by PIMS-SCA who paid out for any winners with Rendezvous Casino covering the One and Two Pair prize levels. During the first week one lucky member took part in the Royal Flush game and revealed Three-of-a-kind winning them £1,000 cash.

A spokesperson said: “By incorporating PIMS-SCA’s prize insurance into casino games, operators can attract more players, add value to the gaming experience and run even bigger jackpots, whatever the budget. We offer prize insurance across a variety of sectors including lotteries, poker, slots, bingo, casino, scratch cards and promotional match-and-win games. Our experience in assessing and managing risk ensures that should your game or promotion produce jackpot winners, it’s PIMS-SCA that pays.”

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