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UK – Novomatic UK partners with Cammegh to launch Spread-Bet Roulette

By - 21 August 2017

Aspers Westfield Stratford Casino in London has launched Cammegh’s Spread-Bet Roulette sidebet on 122 NovoLine Novo Unity II electronic gaming terminals (ETGs) from Novomatic, marking a world first for the casino.

The system allows players to play Cammegh’s innovative roulette sidebet alongside two existing roulette games and a fourth punto banco option.

Marek Kujawinski, Multiplayer Systems Manager of Novomatic UK, said: “Deploying Spread-Bet Roulette on the Novo Unity II platform enables Aspers players to enjoy a new gaming experience running alongside the traditional and well established game of Roulette. The addition of the Spread-Bet sidebets has no impact on consistent game delivery and runs seamlessly as an addition to the traditional game.”

Spread-Bet Roulette works by using a bonus number to bring mini-jackpots to the traditional game. Cammegh’s simple patented concept ramps up the excitement levels without distracting from the traditional game. Two concentric roulette number rings appear on the plasma display, spinning in opposing directions.

The live table version of Spread-Bet Roulette has been adopted by casinos both in the UK and internationally since its launch in 2015, but this is the first time that the innovative sidebet has been delivered as a digital game and played via ETG.

Andrew Cammegh said: “Spread-Bet Roulette is the first sidebet to truly punch through the glass ceiling of 35-1 on roulette. It’s a game that’s successful because it meets a number of key criteria. The first is that Spread-Bet Roulette provides a winning outcome every game; the second is that the game result is transparent to all players; and third, the game result is directly linked to the natural, traditional game. What gives Spread-Bet Roulette the ‘X’ factor, is that it enables operators, depending on pay tables, to payout up to 1,200-1 with a flat bet.”

Spread-Bet Roulette can be installed in two distinct configurations, a local installation, whereby the system can be fed from an automatic wheel/live podium or live table combination within a single site. The second is via a wide area network installation, whereby the results are fed from games dealt live in an alternative location.

Aspers’ Mark Beattie added: “Spread-Bet Roulette has transferred brilliantly to the terminal and is a perfect product for electronic gaming. One of the distinct advantages on a terminal is that we can offer sidebets at really low stakes to drive customer engagement. If you’re seeking to establish a new game you want players to experience it with the least amount of investment possible and you can do that on terminals because you can stake at very low levels.”

Beyond the launch with Aspers, the partnership between Cammegh and NOVOMATIC continues with the roll-out of Spread-Bet Roulette on the Novo Unity II platform soon to follow with other casino groups in the UK – and watch out for the splash Novomatic is set to make at the forthcoming G2E show in Las Vegas.

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