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UK – Reflex Gaming launches Slingshot for UK’s Cat C market

By - 11 March 2019

Reflex Gaming’s back office technology is consistently pushing the potential of machines in the Cat C market and as Q1 2019 brings with it new functionality, players, PubCos and operators alike are in for a world of possibility.

“Technology is definitely becoming more prevalent in the pub market,” stated Quentin Stott, MD of Reflex Gaming. “Just aesthetically you can see the recent travel of product developments, with ergonomic cabinet designs including top quality HD monitors, however under the hood it goes even further, with ever more powerful PCs, Smart Coin Systems and back office connectivity.”

In terms of new technology, Reflex’s Slingshot operating system forms the basis of new game development for all sectors, including online, and is set to deliver enhanced capabilities to sites and provide an exciting new perspective to players. Expanding on how the system allows Reflex to compete with even the biggest manufacturing companies in terms of development, Quentin said: “At Reflex, we’re super proud of our Slingshot back office platform, developed in-house to facilitate, for example, machine performance reporting, the updating of systems software and new game releases. We view Slingshot as an ever evolving initiative and through 2019 new functionality is being developed to further benefit those customers already operating our digital products.”

In addition to its tech savvy approach to operating systems and popular game design, Reflex is also committed to preserving the status of analogue gaming whilst simultaneously pushing digital progress. Commenting on the latest state of play Quentin said: “There is no doubt that digital Cat C is now driving significant income within the pub market. There also remains a number of industry machine suppliers seemingly hell-bent on killing off the traditional analogue AWP either by injection strategy, or just by continually talking the product type down. It’s also true to say that some pub retailers have more digital machines than analogue and some of these see this trend continuing.”

“However, what I do find interesting is that there is a very different view with other pub retailers, in that up to 70 percent of their machine estate remains analogue, and digital traction seems to have stalled somewhat,” he concluded. “Whilst delivering what we feel is one of the best digital offerings to the pub sector, Reflex also remain firmly committed to releasing a strong pipeline of analogue machines, broadly at the rate of one model per month.”

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