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UK – Spintec introduces Charisma, the newest star in their lineup

By - 12 February 2024

This year’s ICE London has seen one of the most exciting product introductions in the ETG arena with Spintec’s latest design named Charisma unveiled at ICE.

It is sleek and elegant yet striking on the casino floor: it attracts participation in the game, is attractive to look at, and makes the gaming floor look exciting and fun.

Charisma is extremely well designed, but its attraction lies far beyond just looks. The roulette wheel now has outstanding visibility from all positions with a flat glass dome for an unobstructed view and the wear-proof kerrock wheel illuminated by a strip of LED lights.

While the dance of the ball and the excitement of the roulette game are at the centre of attention, player comfort remains at the forefront. Charisma covers all bases with immersive, user-friendly touchscreen interface on two different large high-resolution (FHD and UHD/4k) displays, unmatched seating, handy surfaces for snacks and drinks, wireless and USB mobile chargers and comfortably accessible bill validators and ticket printers.

Charisma is also fun because it is extremely versatile with additional proprietary games like the fantastic new Galactic Spin, features, Jackpots, and design customisations. The finishes and upholstery come in a variety of options to fit any casino floor. It can also sport an elegant double-sided topper with a circular animated LED sign that can attract players from across the casino. It supports several different setups from compact solutions that come in various configurations all the way to large amphitheatre settings. These can also include dice and card-based games, live tables, and entertainment systems that create full ETG experience arenas. One of those is a super fun Tournament mode that increases gaming engagement for the entire casino.

When adding the option of different game deliveries to the Charisma mix (automated, virtual or live) it becomes clear that Spintec’s latest flagship is well designed, sleek and elegant, yet completely versatile and super exciting.

Goran Sovilj, Global Sales Director at Spintec, emphasises that “Charisma is the answer to what the market has been asking for in the last few years. It is a solution that can be compact or spread across a large setup, with a versatile yet elegant design and a superior software solution. We are very excited about its prospects and are certain that it will generate a lot of interest.”

Goran Miškulin, Spintec CEO, added: “The unveiling of Charisma at our stand at ICE has been the highlight of the year. We were very excited to show what we have created and the response from our partners and the public was even more enthusiastic than expected. We have a strong standing in the ETG market already and we look forward to Charisma giving us an even stronger push towards steep growth.”

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