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Uruguay – Head of Uruguay’s’ Casino Control Board defends record

By - 11 April 2016

The Head of the Uruguayan Casino Control Board (DGC) Javier Chá has defended his record when it comes to management of the industry.

Mr Chá said that: “No one in their right mind can say that casinos are mismanaged,” after a request for information was put forward by the President’s office to the Ministry of Economy.

The request was made after the Staff Association of the Central Office of State Casinos (AFOCCE), a trade union complained of “a number of various negative episodes”, which call into question Cha’s performance as director. The document, which was put together by the head of the union Angelo Olivera, noted several occasions of “mismanagement” within the governing body which has lead to an “accumulative drop” in profits. The union also claimed that its members had been unfairly treated and that the head of the DGC “persecutes those officials who are not expressly aligned to its designs.”

Following the receipt of the letter, the President’s office requested a report from the Ministry of Economy which was interpreted as a positive sign by the union.

According to figures published by local news portal Busqueda gross casino revenues reached their height in 2012, fell in the next two years, and recovered slightly in 2015. For his part, Cha said gross profit had a slowdown in those two years but noted that in 2015, national casinos earned around US$54m.

He also said that under his management casinos had become increasingly modern as they had invested in new slot machines and equipment. Mr. Cha went onto to say that the attack on the board amounted to a political campaign and that the union only represented a very small number of workers. He further denied that there was a lack of controls over the industry and refuted claims that officials had received beneficial treatment to the detriment of others. The annual reports had been looked on favourably by the Ministry of Economy he said adding that “we have shown satisfactory management.”

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