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Uruguay – Vidaplan says casino could close in Punta del Este

By - 25 November 2019

Vidaplan SA the company, which since 2009 has rented the location of the Nogaró casino in Punta del Este, has announced that if the General Directorate of Casinos – to which it leases the space – does not terminate the contract, it will close the casino in late April.

A court in Maldonado put an embargo on Vidaplan’s assets due to the non-payment of the rent for the property that houses the casino located at the entrance of Gorlero Avenue.

Judge Silvana Patricia Pintos ordered an embargo to cover the sum of US$360,000 and US$2,741,693 in September of last year. The Sagasti family (the owner of the building) appeared in court to claim the debt that to date adds to around US$1.1m for unpaid rentals and another E6m for shared expenses not paid on time.

Meanwhile Vidaplan SA has long expressed its intention to leave the business, which it considers “unfeasible” due to changes in gambling regulation.

Vidaplan S.A. sources told local daily El País that the state has hindered development and now even competes with the company having placed a number of state run last generation slots in the Punta Shopping centre.

According to sources negotiations are underway with the Sagasti family but issues with the directorate of casinos have to be resolved first. Faced with a scenario where the casino continues to generate debts, Vidaplan has made the decision to close the casino.

In 2015 an Argentine businessman along with a number of European operators and Uruguayan investors bought the casino at the Mantra Resort Spa and Casino located in Manantiales – a resort in the Maldonado Department of south-eastern Uruguay. The Mantra Resort, Spa & Casino is Enjoy Punta del Este’s main competitor in Punta del Este and is located, near the town of Barra de Maldonado. In addition, the group now controls the Casino Nogaró. In common with many other casinos in Uruguay both the casino in the hotel and the casino Nogaró come under the mixed system. Under the mixed system private investors can set up a casino but it is the state that manages and runs the casino for which it receives in return between 35 per cent and 45 per cent a percentage of casino profit.

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