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US – Acres launches new gaming technology called Foundation

By - 24 June 2021

Acres Manufacturing Company has announced the launch of Foundation, a powerful new loyalty paradigm that revolutionises how casinos interact with their players. Foundation reports data from every slot machine in real-time and can change any slot machine’s credit meter on command.

“Foundation enables casinos to analyze player experiences in real-time and instantly deploy targeted incentives and bonuses to the slot machine,” said Acres Manufacturing Company Founder John Acres.

“Foundation precisely measures and rewards each player,” said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing Company. “Casinos are provided over a thousand times more player data than what they have today. This data allows casinos to understand exactly when and what to reward each player in order to maximize the relationship’s value. It also helps minimize problem gambling by allowing casinos to learn and respect the personal limitations of each player.”

Foundation’s modular design speeds regulatory approvals and supports rapid innovation. Its standard interfaces allow casinos and third parties to quickly develop and deliver new applications. In addition, Foundation can be operated alongside other casino management systems, allowing casinos to immediately realize Foundation’s benefits without losing any functionality from legacy systems.

“We give casinos total ownership of Foundation’s data and interfaces. We support casinos working with any application developer they choose,” said John Acres. “Acres Manufacturing Company provides all the tools required to develop applications on the Foundation platform.”

For cashless gaming, Foundation’s modularity enables casinos to partner with any payment processor, any mobile wallet and any mobile app.

“Cashless is a built-in component of Foundation. Casinos can select any funding source and user interface they want. It’s the most flexible solution possible,” said Noah Acres.

The company expects the combination of mobile cashless payments and real-time player data to create a dynamic new play experience.

“Foundation’s flexibility allows casinos to deploy a single app to serve as the player interface to the entire operation, including iGaming, sports betting and even non-gaming areas of a resort. Bonus sequences can be deployed to the slot machine or to the mobile device, and bonus credits can be deposited to the game’s credit meter or to the player’s mobile wallet,” said Noah Acres.

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