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US – Amaya calls for tougher state regulation of daily fantasy sports in the US

By - 13 October 2015

Amaya, owner of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) brand StarsDraft, wants better regulations when it comes to daily sports fantasy in the United States.

It said that the recent incidents involving the practices of certain leading companies in DFS demonstrate that the current self-regulatory practices have fallen short and that the industry is in need of stricter state regulation similar to existing regulatory and consumer protection measures to which other gaming activities and their operators are subject.

It stated: “Amaya and StarsDraft fully support, and are launching active efforts to work with state regulators to enact legislation regarding, the adoption of state regulations that safeguard players and the implementation of related controls to ensure all operators are held to a high standard of consumer protection and business integrity.

Amaya is one of the most licensed online gaming companies in the world and has a longstanding history of working responsibly and in partnership with regulators around the globe. Since Amaya entered the DFS category earlier this year, it has brought regulated gaming best practices to StarsDraft’s already responsible business operations, including segregating player funds from operational funds and ensuring stringent controls that meet the demands of our compliance, audit and security departments. In addition to “know your customer”, age and location verification, these controls include strictly monitoring, recording and restricting access to sensitive information and data, and will include the implementation of encryption schemes for all line-up data in upcoming contests.”

Amaya and StarsDraft have not only implemented a policy of suspending employee participation in competitor DFS contests, but continue to work towards instituting a framework and process that restricts access to competitive and sensitive data and creates an auditable trail if and when access to that data is required through the normal course of business. Additionally, Amaya and StarsDraft continuously review, revise and update their Terms and Conditions to address these matters, among others, and have restricted access to its contests by individuals that may have data, or access to data, that could infringe on contest integrity.

Amaya added: “Consumer and player protection is and will remain of paramount importance to Amaya and StarsDraft. Beyond its current audit, compliance and security controls, Amaya’s StarsDraft DFS platform strives to lead the industry using innovative features geared towards casual sports fans. Amaya and StarsDraft are committed to providing a fun, fair and engaging DFS experience for all customers, including through explicitly forbidding the use of professional automated scripts and bots in its contests.”

StarsDraft also provides a “Bankroll Builder” program, which allows users to learn more about DFS in a risk-free environment, and offer a suite of anonymous head-to-head competitions, which ensures that users are playing against other sports fans in randomized matchups of skill.

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