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US – Bluberi launching its Novus Series of cabinets

By - 4 October 2018

Bluberi will be showcasing its new cabinet designs Novus Series cabinets at this year’s G2E, which have been designed for maximum performance, excitement and ergonomic comfort.

The Novus Series games house a powerful new game board which drives amazing 4k and HD graphics in Bluberi’s new games.
The Novus Series is launching with the b27 dual HD 27” screens + topper all in true 1080 HD graphics and sound with two new games on the b27 designed specifically for the Novus platform – Into The Vault and Money Vibe. Upcoming games will also leverage Bluberi’s Quicklink feature and Bluberi’s new licensed premium content.

The same innovative and flexible Novus base also supports the b49 premium game display module sporting a full 4k 49” display with a ground up game framework specifically created for the new Bluberi 4k game format linked to the new Novus LED Lightning system. A totally immersive game experience with games that unlock every aspect of performance in Bluberi’s new Spider Game board. Bluberi is showing two new Novus b49 games Phoenix Treasure and Dragon Treasure, driven by the new state-of-the-art Bluberi game engine designed and built to leverage 3D animations and 4k graphics. The b49 experience is designed around players of all ages including millennials with Bluberi’s Ball of Fortune feature and AnyPlay Jackpot.
Bluberi is also showcasing it’s successful b.POD cabinet, which has 16 titles available including the Frogged Up! and Emperor Mystery award-winning dynamic duo.

A spokesperson said: “Bluberi has more than 25 years of experience in developing high-performing gaming products, paired with exceptional customer service across Class II, Class III and TLS EGM gaming jurisdictions. With our expanding footprint in the gaming industry, the Bluberi experience goes beyond its products. Bluberi understands that no two casino floors are alike and that today’s casino industry demands more than a one-size-fit-all approach. That’s why Bluberi works closely with its clients, to understand their business needs, vision and their player base. With these insights, Bluberi designs solutions that align to the experience our prefer, all within an optimal cost-effective package. It’s this approach that will differentiate Bluberi in the marketplace.”

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