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US – GLI approves PokerNanza’s linked, multi-site version

By - 10 August 2017

Video King has received approval from GLI for its linked and interactive, multi-site progressive version of PokerNanza, a Class II Bingo game, featuring multiple jackpots, capable of yielding huge payouts!

“This is a significant milestone in Video King’s history, as this is the company’s first server-based, Class II game offering,” said Phil Sherwood, Director, Class II Gaming. “PokerNanza brings all of the excitement of a true Video Draw Poker game in the form of a Class II Bingo game, played on mobile, handheld Android tablets, called the Champ-e. Because of the mobile aspect of the tablets, casinos and players can choose where in the casino that they want to play, such as bars, restaurants, Bingo rooms or/and player lounges.

“PokerNanza is unlike any other Class II Poker game that has ever been delivered to the market, as it allows the players to actually utilize true skill in the playing of the Poker portion of the game,” Sherwood said.

“Because of the mobile aspect of the tablets, casinos and players can choose where in the casino that they want to play this awesome new game. The mobility element can lead to the games being played in areas like bars, restaurants, Bingo rooms, player lounges, etc. – as designated by the casino,” he added.

PokerNanza is aiming to be the “next big thing”’ in Class II and Charitable Gaming, according to Gary Loebig, a gaming industry veteran, who designed Video King’s patented, new game.

“In the Class II market, there has never been a Class II Video Draw Poker Game with the look, paytable, and play action of a true Las Vegas Video Draw Poker game, until now,” he said.

“PokerNanza is a Class II game with all the attributes of a Class III game. It is Bingo, but looks, plays and pays like a Class III Las Vegas Video Draw Poker game. Plus, it has huge progressive jackpots – in the tens of thousands of dollars – in addition to the standard “Jacks or Better” prize paytable and Bingo prize payouts,” he said.

“And, it plays fast. Play of 300- to 500-plus hands per hour are achievable, depending on how good the players are at making card-playing decisions,” he added.

“For many Class II facilities, the one big hole in the gaming options they offer their players has been a true Class II Video Poker game. By this we mean, a Class II Video Draw Poker game that has the look, paytable and play action of a Class III Las Vegas Video Draw Poker game,” Mr. Loebig explained.

“There have been many attempts at creating a Non-Class III Video Draw Poker game, but they have fallen short in their ability to attract Video Poker players – primarily because of their play action and decision-making deficiencies. Meaning, players cannot change their Video Poker cards to get a better hand. This is primarily evidenced by the players’ inability to throw away a winning hand,” he said.

“Like the players, the facility also wants a game with the capability that allows the player to throw away a winning hand, but for a different reason. The reason is profitability.

“While good players like the opportunity to better their hand and to increase their chances of winning a prize or a better prize, the house counts on players, who are not good players, players who make mistakes and play sub-optimally, to increase the facility’s profits,” he explained.

“So, if a “Jacks Or Better” full-pay game is a 9/7 game, with a 97.5 percent theoretical payout, then poor play lowers the actual payout substantially, maybe to an actual payout of 90 percent or 92 percent, or even less. This means the win for the house could increase from 2.5 percent to 8 percent or 10 percent or even more, equivalent to the win from some spinning reel games,” he added.

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