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US – GPI leverages AI with new partnership deals

By - 1 February 2018

Gaming Partners International has entered global licensing and development agreements to develop an advanced Automated Table Solution (ATS) with BrainChip Holdings, a developer of accelerated solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and with Xuvi, LLC, a data science company that uses immersive data analytics and automation for intelligent data-driven decisions.

“We look forward to partnering with GPI to bring table game automation technology to casino operators,” said Arun Rajaraman, CEO at Xuvi. “The combined technology will empower casinos with predictive analytics, real-time and accurate comp decisions, secure table currency, protect table games from fraud, improve productivity, and optimise revenues, all using immersive data analytics and artificial intelligence.”

Vegas-based Xuvi, is data science company that works with gaming, retail and hospitality operators in immersive data analytics and automation. The company uses artificial intelligence to engage consumers, increase operational efficiency, and optimise revenues. Xuvi’s BeamStudio platform (powered by SpendScore – a patent-pending guest valuation scoring index) harnesses big data & machine learning to deliver enterprise-wide predictive insights, prescriptive automation, real-time trend detection and optimises marketing re-investment, guest valuation, equipment and service yield management, staffing levels, inventory levels and fraud prevention.

BrainChip’s President, Louis DiNardo commented, “GPI has very deep expertise in casino game operations, a broad base of existing customers, and a premier global sales and service team that will bring these products to market. Our Artificial Intelligence expertise is well suited to address the challenges of achieving high quality video analytics in the difficult casino environment. We are very excited about this development.”

BrainChip provides software and hardware-accelerated solutions for Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. The company has developed a new spiking neural network technology that can learn autonomously, evolve and associate information just like the human brain. The technology, which is proprietary, is fast, completely digital and consumes very low power.

Greg Gronau, GPI’s President and CEO commented, “With our new Automated Table Solution (ATS), GPI will leverage BrainChip visioning technologies, Xuvi’s immersive data analytics, and GPI’s radio frequency identification to provide currency security, game protection and trend analysis, accurate comping, and marketing automation. GPI acknowledges this is a major step forward in developing the Automated Table Solution.”

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