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US – GSA to hold first Open Forum

By - 17 April 2013

The Gaming Standards Association (CSA) will hold its first annual Open Forum on June 11 at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The forum will present GSA’s latest updates for its standards, technical initiatives, internal processes, as well as invaluable information on new developments from the Operators Advisory Committee. This year’s topics are on industry collaboration and Online Gaming. GSA values your contribution and wants you to have a seat at the table.  The meeting is open to the industry, and attendance is free.

GSA President Peter DeRaedt said: “GSA’s message in 2013 is one of collaboration, and the purpose of this first Open Forum is to ensure that everyone is invited to have a seat at the table to address the challenges presented during this exciting time in gaming’s history.”

At this meeting, GSA will officially launch its new Online Gaming Initiative. “The world of online gaming is an exciting place filled with a multitude of great ideas and incredible potential. There are also a lot of pitfalls due to the lack of standardization. That’s why GSA created the Online Gaming initiative, to collaborate with our peers and bring global ideas together before the first meeting of our Online Gaming Committee,” Mr. DeRaedt said.

GSA’s recently created Online Gaming Committee is designed to provide a neutral forum for technology experts in the industry to take a leadership role in the creation of online gaming standards with the objective of reducing R&D costs, bringing more interoperability, speeding time to market and improving consumer protection.

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