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US – IGT introduces Aurora solution for lottery growth

By - 21 October 2015

Ending months of anticipation, International Game Technology unveiled its new high-performance, high-reliability lottery solution, Aurora, at the NASPL 2015 trade show in Dallas, Texas, on Oct. 13.

“It’s the dawn of a new era,” announced Marco Tasso, Senior Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Lottery, IGT.

Aurora builds on the success of IGT’s Enterprise Series system – the most prevalent central system and back-office application solution for lotteries in the world – to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and lotteries’ needs for more agility, greater interoperability, and a truly omnichannel experience. The Aurora suite of smart, open solutions was designed to define the environment for current and future lottery growth in terms of a technological platform.

From the ground up, Aurora’s architecture is loosely coupled, providing an entirely new level of system integration and flexibility to seamlessly integrate to third-party applications or games. This Service Oriented Architecture will separate Aurora’s game engines from the business logic, so making changes to a game will not affect the business end, allowing lotteries to get solutions into production faster. Aurora also offers lotteries more agility when executing on key business decisions, and sound, actionable analytics to help them make those decisions. Aurora’s advanced business intelligence portfolio allows data to be integrated, mined, and visualized, ultimately helping to drive results for the lottery.

By rearchitecting its solution, IGT’s Aurora allows lotteries to seamlessly connect all the different channels in which they operate and enables them to know their players, communicate with them, and give them value wherever and whenever they play. Aurora extends down to the point of sale, where a new framework provides increased flexibility to deploy applications across a full suite of terminals and devices.

Other benefits include a brand-new, browser- and device-independent back-office Web User Interface (UI). The UI is role-based, so that starting with the data visualizations users see on the initial portal, and continuing to the specific tasks they see to do their job, the UI will look different to different classes of lottery users.

With Aurora’s end-to-end interoperability, Matthew Whalen, IGT’s Senior Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer, Lottery, explains, “Existing customers of IGT legacy systems, including Enterprise Series, can incrementally add key components to reap significant benefits without completely overhauling their current lottery solution.”

For IGT, it is all about supporting the path to innovation. “Aurora offers flexibility within a dynamic system, but the core focus is the player,” said Mr.Tasso. “It delivers the solutions that lotteries need to increase their customer base and revenues to good causes.”

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