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US – IntentKey AI technology brands and promotes Saracen Casino Resort

By - 26 April 2021

Inuvo, a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, used its IntentKey AI technology to brand and promote Saracen Casino Resort, Arkansas’ newest, most sophisticated, and only purpose-built casino, to generate month-over-month revenue growth during the peak of a pandemic environment.

When Heathcott Associates became the agency of record for Arkansas’s largest and most sophisticated casino, Gary Heathcott knew the marketing had to be just as cutting edge. Heathcott and Saracen partnered with Inuvo, where together the combination of casino marketing strategy and AI-generated insights could be applied in a manner that attracts the casino audience and is also used to optimize future marketing activities and messaging across all channels both digital and traditional.

“Inuvo’s AI provides audience insights that are not available through conventional data providers and it can adapt to those audiences continuously as their intent changes in real-time, while not being dependent on third-party cookies or data,” said Carlton Saffa, Chief Market Officer of Saracen Casino Resort. “As I said when we chose this platform, we are ‘future proofing’ our marketing efforts by being the first in our industry to use this advanced advertising technology.”

Inuvo’s IntentKey was able to take a branding budget and target the desired audience pool at the exact time when they indicated an in-market interest in that brand messaging. Saracen was the first Inuvo client to take advantage of integrating the IntentKey across the full suite of media channels, including connected television (CTV) and streaming audio. This blended well with their traditional channels of linear TV, local radio, print and outdoor in a manner that ensured Saracen was reaching all demographics.

“We saw the value in the IntentKey AI and wanted to leverage it across every digital marketing channel: online display, video pre-roll, CTV, and audio streaming,” said Gary Heathcott, President of Heathcott Associates. “This technology dramatically changes the typical spray and pray approach to brand advertising by only purchasing media when/if there is a signal of intent, which in effect means the client’s marketing dollars are better optimized.”

Strategic insights among audiences learned from the IntentKey included a better and more granular geographic understanding of casino enthusiasts which can now be leveraged within loyalty programs. The audience had a strong association with sports gaming, particularly NCAA basketball and NFL, which can be used in marketing materials, a higher interest in travel, which can be incorporated into promotions and giveaways and an intent towards fine dining, specifically The Red Oak steakhouse, which can be used to market cooking classes with renowned Arkansas chef and Saracen’s Director of Food & Beverage, Todd Gold.

It also had an interest in healthy food options, a fact that can now be incorporated into menu offerings. Saracen has tackled the challenge of COVID-19 head-on by making consumer safety a top priority. This, in turn, has enabled marketing activity to continue in a manner that has allowed the casino to run up to capacity while ensuring guest safety. The IntentKey platform has proven itself to be a branding success across channels while simultaneously providing strategic insights that continue to guide future marketing efforts and growth at Saracen.

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