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US – LocationSmart granted vendor minor gaming license for sports betting in Colorado

By - 2 July 2020

LocationSmart, the Carlsbad, California-based location-as-a-service leader, has been granted a vendor minor gaming license for sports betting in Colorado. This license authorizes LocationSmart to provide services including location, geofencing, IP intelligence and device profiling to sports betting platform operators throughout Colorado. LocationSmart enables online gaming companies to verify the location and identity of users, confirming compliance with online gaming regulations.

“We are pleased by our expanding ability to help gaming and lottery operators meet their geographic compliance needs. This license is another step in the broadening of our footprint for our customers around the world,” said LocationSmart chief executive officer, Mario Proietti.

The first provider to launch mobile and iGaming in Nevada and Delaware, LocationSmart is trusted by top gaming operators to validate transactions and improve player experience. In March, the company released enhanced IP intelligence and device profiling used for online transaction verification and gaming/lottery compliance.

This release corresponded with an increased need for online gaming, as physical casinos have struggled with declining attendance or closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people use mobile and internet gaming and more states legalize online gambling and lotteries, the need to ensure full compliance with their geolocation regulations has become increasingly critical.

LocationSmart meets these compliance needs using a layered approach. Their methods include IP geolocation, browser and app-based geolocation, comprehensive device profiling, boundary checks, and geofencing. LocationSmart uses only the best available IP intelligence data alongside their browser location technology or mobile app SDK to verify device location using Wi-Fi, cell site and GPS capabilities. Application developers can tailor settings to fit the needs of their company including maximum allowable location age, minimum accuracy, response time limits, and boundary buffer distances.

With the use of comprehensive device intelligence data, LocationSmart further enhances location verification. This technology monitors billions of online transactions monthly, on the lookout for patterns and anomalies that indicate fraudulent activity. LocationSmart can analyze data to detect VPN or proxy use, remote desktop access, virtual machine use, bot activity, device integrity including jailbreaking and rooting, as well as velocity, spoofing, data consistency, and more. Online gaming companies are able to identify whether a device can be trusted based on current and previous activity.

In addition to verifying a user’s location and the integrity of the user’s device, LocationSmart helps gaming companies confirm the user is in a geographic area that is approved for gambling transactions. Geofencing is used to set up highly specific zones of inclusion and exclusion without any additional apps or software to be downloaded. After the user gives permission to access their location, the operator of the online gaming site or app can confirm the user’s location any time it is needed, including when the user creates an account, logs in, or attempts a purchase or bet that must be verified.

LocationSmart’s expansion into Colorado demonstrates their commitment to providing powerful, easily accessible tools to internet gaming operators to enable compliance with online gambling and lottery regulations for mobile and desktop users. With the impact of coronavirus on the travel industry and potential long-term changes in consumer behavior, these services can help operators mitigate financial damage.

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