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US – NYU grad students join Caesars Sportsbook creative team at Madison Square Garden to talk Responsible Gaming Awareness

By - 14 November 2022

Graduate students from New York University’s School of Professional Studies joined the creative team from gaming leader Caesars Entertainment’s Caesars Sportsbook to watch the New York Rangers take on the Philadelphia Flyers at Madison Square Garden.

The event is part of the NYU x Caesars Sportsbook Real World graduate school course, which focuses on responsible gaming awareness.

At the beginning of the fall semester, members of the Caesars Sportsbook marketing department and Caesars Entertainment’s corporate responsible gaming team briefed participating students about business strategy and the company’s goals for promoting responsible gaming in New York State, as well as other states where the sports betting app is live. Students then began work on their own responsible gaming marketing plan, culminating in a pitch presentation to the Caesars Sportsbook team at the end of the semester.

This week’s event allowed students to check in halfway through the semester and discuss some of their ideas, plus experience the brand outside of the classroom with Caesars Sportsbook partners, the New York Rangers and Madison Square Garden.

“Mobile sports betting an increasing part of the sports-entertainment ecosystem in New York and across the country. Maintaining our position as a premier betting option requires constant innovation and new ideas,” said Jeff Gonyo, VP of Advertising, Creative and Content for Caesars Sportsbook, who joined the event on Tuesday. “Engaging with these students allows us to share a bit of our business and career experience – while giving us a chance to hear what platforms and messages are breaking through to their generation.”

As the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment provider, Caesars Entertainment prioritizes responsible gaming through its pioneering Responsible Gaming Training Program, a first-of-its-kind, research-backed required training program rolled out to every Caesars Team Member. Reflecting a three-decade commitment that began with funding the country’s first toll-free national problem gambling helpline, Caesars actively supports organizations at the state and federal levels focused on responsible play. Additionally, the company ensures its guests and team members have access to the tools they need to support responsible gaming both in-person and online. The Caesars Sportsbook app includes jurisdictionally-based limit options, including spending limits, deposit limits, daily time limits, and cooling-off periods.

“Responsible gaming awareness is core to Caesars Sportsbook’s identity, and it is the focus for our Real World collaboration with NYU,” added Daniel Isenberg, Creative Director, Caesars Sportsbook. “When you speak to these students, it’s clear they take their project seriously and have given real thought to effectively communicating our Responsible Gaming message to the audience that needs to hear it.”

Caesars Entertainment’s goal regarding responsible gaming is simple and unequivocal: Caesars Entertainment wants everyone who visits and gambles at its gaming facilities and online to do so for the right reasons – to simply have fun. Caesars’ approach to responsible gaming supports that goal and is built on clear objectives, measurable outcomes, and scientific research and evidence. This partnership with NYU is part of Caesars’ continuing commitment to innovation in the ever-changing landscape of responsible gaming.

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