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US- Picture-in-Picture technology takes Leap Forward

By - 18 May 2012

Leap Forward Gaming has launched its Patron Display Interface (PDI) technology, providing Picture-in-Picture capabilities designed to engage players, increase loyalty, enhance the gaming experience and bolster operators’ market position.

Leap Forward Gaming CEO Ali Saffari said: “Casino operators asked us to develop a low-cost, flexible and easily retrofittable Picture-in-Picture solution that works on all gaming machines and player tracking systems.  We listened, and the Patron Display Interface (PDI) technology is the solution the industry has been waiting for.”

PDI enables players to view and interact with real-time, configurable multimedia content on the machine screen without impacting game play.  Video streaming, animations, promotional coupons, bonusing and social networking are just a touch away right on the game screen, ushering in a new era of creativity for operators along with interactivity for players, all utilizing web-based content such as HTML5, Silverlight and Flash.

PDI is a low-cost, turn-key solution that works seamlessly with all brands and generations of gaming machines and is yet another aspect of the growing list of applications enabled by the patented wireless SaffariNet ecosystem.  PDI supports all screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios. Its revolutionary approach eliminates the traditional complexities that other gaming machine based marketing products have attempted such as proprietary technology, unsophisticated player content, and rigid limitations on customizations for operators. PDI is a win-win solution for both players and operators.

PDI deploys custom applications that differentiate casino operator’s properties, allowing for maximum flexibility and profitability, creating endless opportunities for interacting with casino players as never before.

LFG’s technology does not require traditional, separate and expensive player tracking displays or keypads in the gaming machine. Instead, PDI is a robust, completely customizable system utilizing the existing machine displays to dynamically manage, develop and market content for all players, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

A recent Roth-Fantini Quarterly Slot Survey tracked slot machine and gaming technology purchasing trends of gaming operators.  A key summary finding was that operators are looking to add Picture-in-Picture technology to their gaming floors.  The summary states, “roughly 34 per cent of participants representing 57 per cent of the total slots surveyed plan to install Picture-in-Picture system technology within the next 12 months.”

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