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US – SHFL signs Unity deal

By - 26 April 2013

SHFL entertainment has signed a multi-year strategic partnership with Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools.

With the Unity engine, SHFL entertainment will expand its popular cutting-edge gaming entertainment content through value-add products in Electronic Gaming Machines which include traditional video slot machines for select markets.

Unity, used by slot manufacturers and online gambling companies around the world to create some of the most exciting and compelling interactive gambling content, is one of the most widely adopted middleware solutions for development in the gambling industry. The Unity developer community is more than 1.5 million developers strong and includes thousands of game studios across the world, both large and small. Unity is an excellent solution for gambling companies (land-based, online & mobile) looking to work with development houses already familiar with the powerful, deep, and efficient development tools.

“Technology is at the heart of all we do and SHFL entertainment is incredibly excited to begin our work and collaboration with Unity Technologies,” said Gavin Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer at SHFL entertainment.  “We believe that product innovation, superior quality and service makes gaming more fun for players and more profitable for operators.  Our new work with the Unity engine will help us deliver this value even further.”
Unity is known for its efficient design, enabling wild creativity while keeping development cycles and costs down. In-editor play testing allows for lightning fast iteration and the excellent art pipeline allows art assets to be saved from any popular art tool (Photoshop, Maya, Modo, and more) and affect change to every instance of that asset across the project automatically.

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