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US – Station Casinos unveils NFT loyalty program STN Charms

By - 3 April 2023

Station Casinos announces the debut of STN Charms, an all-new NFT casino loyalty rewards program available at all its properties that launched on March 31.

At its launch, Boarding Pass members are automatically enrolled. Upon carding-in, they will receive the debut shamrock Charm, a non-fungible token displayed on the slot machine’s service window. STN Charms provide guests with a new and innovative way to enhance their gaming experience with approachable and personalized NFT Charms that level up in luck as guests win. Players can also view their Charms on the STN Charms website, an online marketplace where guests can buy, sell and browse the catalog of available Charms.

“We are thrilled to be launching this innovative program to create a more engaging way for our guests to earn unique rewards and customize their play,” said Tom Mikulich, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Station Casinos. “Through our patent-pending, game-changing technology, we believe STN Charms will reshape the casino gaming landscape and modernize loyalty programs making for a more rewarding and fun gaming experience for our guests.”

With multiple ways to earn Charms, guests can collect them all. New Charms will drop each month, each Charm is distinguished in three ways: by category (lucky penny, shamrock, horseshoe, panda, etc.), by one of five rarities determined by their scarcity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary) and by luck level, which is the value associated with the guest’s winnings while the Charm is active on the slot machine.

STN Charms was created in partnership with leading technology, and web3 service providers Mintable Pte. Ltd. and Intergalactic Agency Inc. Mintable’s platform provides guests with an easy and accessible platform to buy, sell and display these uniquely created NFTs. Intergalactic leveraged advanced technologies to design and develop a custom creative look and feel, and an end-to-end system for the digital Charms.

“The program reshapes the casino gaming and loyalty program industry as guests will be welcomed to personalize their gaming experience by collecting the NFTs in their Charm Box and by leveling up their Charms,” said Pat Gordon, Director of Innovation at Station Casinos. “No additional enrollment is needed as guests can maximize the program by opting into Charms at their first card in. All guests will automatical

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