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Venezuela – Venezuela to reopen 30 casinos following Humboldt and Ciudad Jardín relaunches

By - 6 September 2021

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has pledged to completely relaunch gambling in the country with the reopening of 30 casinos expected as early as next week.

Casinos were outlawed in the country at the start of 2020, when then President, Hugo Chávez, opted to shut all casinos and bingo halls, saying they were ‘venues of doom’ that were being used to line the pockets of the ‘bourgeoisie.’ The closures left about 100,000 people unemployed.

In December 2020, the new President however confirmed the opening of an international casino at the Humboldt Hotel whilst the Ciudad Jardín casino, located in the Hotel Pipo in Maracay, also recently reopened its doors, creating 400 jobs.

The casinos that will be allowed to reopen include those in Caracas, namely Hotel Dubai, Waldorf, Conami, Tamanaco and the casino which transferred from Hotel Humboldt’s to the Eurobuilding. In Miranda, casinos will be allowed to reopen their doors in Coliseo, Macaracuay, La Cáscara, La Urbina and Buenaventura. In Nueva Esparta, casinos will be allowed at Charaima, Caribe Plaza and Concorde whilst in Lara reopenings will take place at Tiuna, Lidotel and Jirajara. In Aragua Platinum and Ballagio will both be able to reopen their casinos.

Zulia’s gaming hall reopenings include Del Sur, Maruma and Inter de Maracaibo. In Bolívar, Roraima and Guayana can reopen whilst in Falcón, slot halls in Baywasht, Tucacas will reopen. Inter de Valencia will reopen in Carabobo, Sun Casino will reopen in Anzoátegui, Center Llanos will relaunch in Barinas and finally Eco Inn will reopen its slot hall in Portuguesa.

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