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Vietnam – Palazzo refutes world’s ‘biggest slot jackpot’

By - 10 January 2013

What is believed to be the world’s biggest ever slot jackpot has been awarded over three years after being struck in the Palazzo Club of Sheraton Saigon Hotel in Vietnam but the question remains was it ever hit?

American Ly Sam saw the amount of US$55,542,291.70 flash up as he played on a slot at the casino inside the Sheraton hotel in October 2009.  He has now won his lawsuit against the casino following a trial at a court in southern Ho Chi Minh City. Club owner, the Dai Duong JV told the court that the maximum prize should have been capped at US$46,000 so it was unfeasible that the player could ever win US$55m. His lawyer slammed the ruling as emotional and ungrounded saying that Mr. Ly Sam did not even prove that he won the bet. The results of the manufacturer’s inspection also found that the machine was faulty.

The defendant’s lawyer said: “We were surprised because the court made the verdict emotionally, without consultation of independent agencies. If the court of appeal also returns a verdict that we lose the case, the company will be pushed into a dead end.”
The claim from the casino remains the same; the slot machine was defunct. It said that the screen did not display the same symbols adjacent to each other as it should have; that the winning amount was not located in the winning box display and that the machine had flashed off many times before showing the winning figure.
Finally, it claimed that no slot machine has ever used maths were players can win such a large amount from a stake of just 10 cents. The defendant said more experts should have been involved in the case to clarify whether Mr. Ly Sam did in fact win or not. The casino is expected to appeal.

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