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Zitro – forging an online presence

By - 7 October 2022

Renowned for its dominant presence in brick-and-mortar casinos, Zitro is making a concerted effort to expand its online reach through new business unit, Zitro Digital. Speaking to G3 on their stand at SBC Summit Barcelona, Jose Javier Marti, Zitro Digital’s Chief Operations Officer, set out the supplier’s approach.

Why are you exhibiting at the show?

In the last two years, Zitro Digital’s product portfolio has grown tremendously, adding to the largest collection of video bingo games on the market, an extensive range of video slots including such well-known products as Link King, Link Me and the recently launched 88 Link series.

Our goal at the SBC Summit Barcelona is to show online casino operators the tremendous transformation our product offering has undergone, gradually approaching the land-based casino product offering that is already successful around the world.

How do you make land-based titles successful online?

For land-based titles to be successful online, important factors must be considered. We like the digital versions of our games to maintain the same personality than their land-based formats. In addition to the ultimate experience of playing on any device, we make sure that the design is fully responsive, to enhance gameplay and player comfort.

As these are smaller devices, playability is a crucial factor in the digital adaptation process of games, as land-based assets are designed for the specific cabinet monitor configuration, while online requirements will include vertical and horizontal support for different screen types.

It is also important that players have easy access to game instructions, as well as detailed descriptions of pay-out options, currency, and language available to suit the needs of users worldwide. All this contributes to the immersive gaming experience for online players who want to feel closer to the real casino experience.

Are all games brought over from land-based? Are you looking to produce new in-house titles?

At the moment, we only bring land-based games, but the pace of releasing these games is rapidly increasing. Our portfolio of land-based games is quite extensive and continues to grow, so our priority is porting all those games to the digital market, as they have proven to be extremely successful worldwide.

I want to point out that all our games are produced in-house at our technology campus in Barcelona. We have a team of extremely talented game designers and mathematicians who innovate through the most advanced technology.

What markets are you targeting?

We have a dominant presence in Mexico and Latin America, and, in that region, our fastest-growing market is Argentina and, more recently, Colombia.

Once Brazil has passed its long-awaited legislation, we will enter this high-potential market. In Europe we have a strong presence in Spain, and we are entering many other jurisdictions on the continent. Within our targets for 2023, we have planned our first inroads into the United States and Asia.

Are you looking to strike deals with aggregators or go directly with operator partnerships?

We are always looking to close deals with operators, but we know that the online gaming industry is evolving rapidly and the fastest way to get games out is through aggregators. We maintain a close relationship with our customers and are happy to let them decide what is the best approach for them.

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