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Argentina – Buenos Aires government increases control over casinos

By - 25 May 2016

The government is increasing scrutiny over gaming in Buenos Aires with a new decree which will make operators publish financial results online.

It is the latest in a series of measures as the government seeks to tighten control over the racino located under the racetrack in Palermo and the so called “floating casinos” in Puerto Madero.

The Argentine National Lottery (Lotería Nacional) has decreed that all financial information for both the racino in Palermo and the Estrella de la Fortuna” and “Princess” – the casinos tied permanently to the city harbour will from now on be made public via the internet. According to the new ruling published in the National Lottery’s official bulletin, operators are now: “required to provide detailed information on all the operations that have been entrusted to them and provide the National Lottery with supporting documentation for the purpose of auditing and scrutiny within the current regulatory framework.”

The statement goes onto say that : “Both the information provided by operators and the information obtained by The National Lottery within the framework of inspections carried out, or via the capturing through electronic interconnection online, falls in the public domain so it should be made fully available to the public.”

The government is looking to increase its control over the casinos in the capital which have for many years have been a point of contention. Earlier this month inspectors from the Argentine National Lottery closed down 94 slot machines at the racino in Palermo and 88 slot machines in the casinos in the city harbour for failure to meet safety requirements as set down by local gaming laws. It was the first time in over ten years that inspectors from the Lottery had inspected the premises.

This was after Inspectors from the Argentine tax office La Administración de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) carried out a surprise on site inspection of the casinos in the floating casinos in Puerto Madero in March. Around 80 inspectors checked staff records and requested information regarding checks issued for more than 100,000 pesos.

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