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Belgium – Konami’s Podium Goliath makes European debut

By - 10 March 2015

Konami Gaming has announced the successful European debut of its extra-large Podium Goliath video slot machine cabinet with prominent installations in France and Belgium.

Featuring dual 32-inch (82 cm) LCD touchscreens and unique 360-degree attract lighting effects, Goliath now reaches Europe’s gaming market for the first time with big entertainment value and immersive high-definition graphics. Exclusive Konami distributors CARO Développement and DRGT have introduced this milestone product release to casino locations in France and Belgium, respectively.

“Podium Goliath has the best of both worlds—the huge cabinet draws people in,” said Casino Dinant General Manager Camille Continelli. “Konami is an excellent addition to our casino and very popular among our guests. Our customers comment how much they enjoy playing on the Konami slots.”

“The reaction from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and performance looks very promising,” said DRGT’s Joost van Egeraat, giving insight into Goliath’s reception at the Belgian casino’s thriving location. “Konami is very popular at Casino Dinant, and now the addition of this big Goliath machine has given the casino added impetus and indeed added buzz.”

Christian Pycke, Manager at Tranchant Group’s Casino de Villers-sur-Mer along France’s northern coast, commented, “We chose Goliath because its extra-large design certainly grabs the attention of visitors. We’re captivated by Konami slot machines—the quality of the equipment design, the library of games available, and the sheer attraction of these products have achieved acclaim from our customers. Each time we place a new Konami machine, it’s busy from the moment we open. With Goliath’s two-person love seat setup, the machine immediately attracts couples visiting the casino. It’s really a good investment and we look forward to more new Konami products for Europe.”

“Konami has always had a very good technical reputation in France—the machines are reliable and they give operators that confidence. With Goliath, the first thing that interested us with was the size of the machine. We needed a product that could impress and attract players,” said Arnaud Herve, sales manager at CARO Développement. “Most importantly, players are also attracted by the quality of the games. Konami’s KP3 base game library allows for a great selection and the standalone progressive bonus games are an added benefit as well.”

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