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ICE – Cammegh to showcase EyeCardPlus

By - 30 January 2014

Cammegh will be showing its range of wheels and wheel-related products at ICE from the classic Connoisseur through to the state-of-the-art Mercury 360, Mercury 360 RRS, Aurora 360 and Crystal wheels.

In addition to its world renowned wheels, Cammegh’s automatic Slingshot 2 will also take pride of place at ICE 2014 alongside the EyeBall camera (only recently installed in the Ritz Casino in London as part of a complete table display system), which will be showing Cammegh’s range of bonus numbers games and side bets generated by the Mercury 360, Mercury 360 Aurora and Slingshot 2 wheels. The UK company will also be creating a dedicate card games zone on the booth, highlighting Cammegh’s card recognition technology, with EyeCard scrutinising the results from the dealer in conjunction with the BillBoard to give real-time game results; while EyeCardPlus can deliver feedback from every single card played at the table. Building upon the success of the original Billboard with the Billboard 2, Cammegh has developed its own media controller, MediaPro, which enables content scheduling and TV streaming to be controlled and scheduled directly by the operator using an intuitive user-interface. Rounding out the products on show at ICE will be Cammegh’s analysis tools, including PitBoss and Wheel Manager, incorporating recent updates to enable complete integration with third-party management systems.

Andrew Cammegh said: “I’d say that the split of visitors to ICE is always unpredictable. While the show unquestionably draws European customers, year-on-year we welcome visitors from wildly diverse territories from around the world, building our relationships with operators from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for example, some of the farthest flung places from London that you can imagine. The show has certainly helped us to develop significant marketshare in those markets. Equally, we also see great numbers of third-party OEM developers and a large proportion from the online sector interested in the Mercury 360 RRS wheel and Slingshot 2; with lots of interest in particular for EyeCard as online players increasingly want to see real cards, rather than the bar-coded variety traditionally used online.”

The year ending 2013 has been the most successful so far for Cammegh, a company that continues to expand its portfolio of products within its very clearly defined niche. Everything Cammegh creates stems from its world’s finest roulette wheel, interconnecting with the wheel to provide the same level of precision-engineered craftsmanship across its tightly focused product range. “We took a conscious decision not to overburden ourselves with an enormous range of products,” explained Mr. Cammegh. “We are highly specialised with roulette and carry that best-of-breed status into each of the products we create in harmony with our wheels. And because our products are grown organically here at Cammegh, we know everything there is to know about them. Our technical support is unrivalled because we understand each and every product inside out.”

Cammegh’s confidence in its products bleeds into everything. It’s customer interactions are grounded upon partnership, trust and solidity, with a warm reception greeting every visitor to the ICE stand. It’s an infectious passion that customers respond to positively. “I believe that the Cammegh brand represents solidity and reassurance,” states Mr. Cammegh. “Our decision to bring all the precision engineering in-house was a considered step in terms of our business values, enabling us to take complete ownership of the CNC tools that fabricate the roulette wheels. We make all the movements within our roulette wheels ourselves, which is a huge comfort to our customers and a source of great confidence in our products. When customers visit our factory they appreciate both the depth of knowledge and our ownership of that product. From that confidence brings partnership and solidity within a very reassuring and comfortable business environment – that’s why our customers keep returning to Cammegh.”

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