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Spain – Concern over Euro Vegas ‘truth’

By - 5 July 2013

The General Secretary of the Socialist Party of Madrid, Tomás Gómez has stated to local press that plans for the new Euro Vegas in Spain have ‘fallen through’ and has demanded that the government make an official announcement in order to clarify the issue.

Mr. Gómez has demanded that the President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González tells locals ‘the truth’ when it comes to whether the project will still go ahead or if plans have been permanently scrapped. He has also demanded to know whether Sheldon Adelson “has decided not to invest in Madrid.”

Mr. Gómez went on to say that: “It is a question that I think that he (Ignacio González) should answer to all of those who live in Madrid because we are not willing to keep on being tricked like this for another minute.”

Construction for the new Euro Vegas is set to begin later in 2013 and the new resort, will if it goes ahead, cost an estimated €22bn. The brainchild of Sheldon Adelson, Euro Vegas will take eighteen years to build, create 260 thousand jobs and once completed will consist of twelve hotels and six casinos as well as other amenities such as golf courses and a convention centre.

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