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UK – Casino Finder app launched in UK

By - 14 August 2013 has just launched a new  Casino Finder app for iPhone and Android devices. The first of its kind in the UK, the app promises to be a real winner for casino gaming fans across the country.

The app is packed with innovative features that will benefit complete beginners as well as seasoned gaming connoisseurs; this app is very intuitive and extremely easy on the eye. Even better, it also happens to be completely free.

Casino Finder boasts a complete database of all land-based casinos in the United Kingdom, and you can view these venues in list format or on a map display. Apple maps are used for the latter purpose where possible, whilst other devices use third-party mapping technology. In addition, if your device is GPS enabled then the app will identify the venue that is closest to your current position, which is handy if you want to explore the options available in your immediate vicinity.

As well as helping you to find casinos, the Casino Finder app will also tell you exactly what to expect from every venue in its database, thanks to full and unbiased reviews written by a crack team of independent gaming journalists. These reviews detail the kind of games that are available, what non-gaming facilities are on offer (such as bars and restaurants), and more. For those of you who are in a hurry, most reviews feature at-a-glance ratings and list the pros and cons of the venue in an easy-to-read bullet-point format. As you would expect, all of the reviews are updated regularly to give a fair and current verdict on each casino exactly as it is, rather than how it might have been six months or a year ago.

All of the features mentioned previously can be used as soon as you have downloaded the Casino Finder app to your device, but the app gets even more useful the more you use it. You can filter casinos according to their distance from your location, as well as according to their rating and the companies that operate them. You can also add casinos to your own list of favourites, enabling you to quickly pull up the relevant details in the future.

“A good offline casino can give people a great night out,” said a spokesperson for, “but if you visit a venue that doesn’t provide the games or facilities that you want, your whole evening could be ruined. The Casino Finder app helps users to minimise that risk by giving them all the information they need to make informed decisions, even if they happen to be visiting an area that they don’t know very well.”

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