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UK – Gambling Commission lays out road map for fairer gambling

By - 15 November 2017

The UKGambling Commission has today unveiled a new strategy which will help shape a well-regulated gambling market that works for consumers.

The strategy – which will be of interest to consumers, gambling businesses and others – sets out the regulator’s focus and commitment in five priority areas:

The first of these is protecting the interests of consumers. The Commission expects operators to intervene to make play safe and to protect consumers at risk. There will also be tougher and broader sanctions on operators (including lotteries) who fail to treat customers fairly and make gambling safe.
preventing harm to consumers and the public – for example, the Commission expects consumers to be provided with more information about gambling and its risks, and better controls to manage their gambling.

It also wants to raise standards in the gambling market – for example, the Commission expects effective and independent arrangements to resolve consumer complaints and disputes.

It wants to optimise returns to good causes from lotteries – for example, the Commission will regulate in a way that delivers a healthy National Lottery for customers and good causes, and plan for the competition for a new licence to be awarded for 2023.

It also plans to improve the way the Commission regulates – for example, the Commission will improve the way it taps into consumer and public issues to inform action; it will help industry comply but take precautionary action where necessary, and will give independent and well evidenced advice to government on gambling and its impact.

Gambling is a mainstream leisure activity with 63 per cent of people having gambled in the last year, but the Commission needs to balance consumer choice and enjoyment against the risks and impact gambling can have for individuals and wider society.

The strategy builds on work the Commission has been doing to ensure consumers are protected and reveals the vision for further and faster progress in the five priority areas.

Gambling Commission Chair Bill Moyes said: “This is an ambitious strategy to deliver fairer and safer gambling over the next three years. We can only be successful in this by engaging with consumers and by working closely with all our regulatory partners and the industry.

“In the same way that this strategy challenges the industry, we also challenge ourselves – as the regulator – to deliver effective, targeted and innovative regulation.

“At the end of three years we expect to see an industry that strives continuously to raise their standards, treat customers fairly, and protect vulnerable people.”

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