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UK – SuzoHapp ready for new polymer £10 banknote

By - 15 September 2017

SuzoHapp is well prepared for the new £10 banknote that entered circulation in England and Wales on Thursday 14th September. All banknote readers and recyclers, Scan Coin and CashComplete solutions are ready to accept the new £10.

The new British £10 represents the very latest in banknote technology. As it is made of polymer, it is cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes. It joins the Churchill £5 in the first family of polymer Bank of England banknotes. A new £20 note featuring J.M.W Turner will follow in 2020. The new £10 banknote is 15 per cent smaller than the current £10 and has a number of special security features, such as a see-through window, foils that change color when the note is tilted and a built-in ultra-violet feature. The new £10 note features the Queen on the front and Jane Austin, one of Britain’s most-loved authors, on the reverse. 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of Austin’s death.

SuzoHapp commits to providing its customers with the necessary software and hardware updates to upgrade their machines and devices. The Bill-to-Bill note recyclers and MFL bill validators are ready to accept the new banknote through a simple software update. The Comestero solutions are also prepared to accept the new £10. “The updating procedures are quick and simple,” stated John Vallis, Sales Director for SUZOHAPP in the UK and Vice President of Amusement Sales EMEA. “Many customers replaced or upgraded their note acceptors for the new £5 banknote last year, so their equipment will be easily upgradable to the new £10 by using a programming kit. Any customers needing to upgrade their equipment to accept the new £5 or £10 banknotes should contact the UK sales team for advice and support.”

All new Scan Coin and CashComplete products purchased since last July have already been programmed with the new £10. For any Scan Coinand CashComplete solutions received before this date (apart from the SC-1500 and SC-1600), Suzo Happ offers field engineer support to update them. Any operators who may have the old £5 programmed on Scan Coin note counters/sorters will benefit from the new £10 update to delete the old £5 banknote, as well. “We work very closely with central banks and this ensures that all our cash-handling products are ready for new notes and coins. We have strong R&D and Technical Support teams to guarantee that all our customers can access our technology,” stated Steve Fitton, Sales Director at SCAN COIN UK. “Our aim is to make the switch to the new £10 as smooth as possible for our customers, ensuring that their note handling equipment is ready to accept the new banknote,” concluded Mr. Fitton.

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