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US – Konami releases Dungeon Maze and Monster Battle Bonuses

By - 7 August 2015

Konami Gaming has released its newest Dungeons & Dragons themed video slots titled Fortunes of the Forgotten Realms and Dwellers of the Dungeon Keep.

Now available as follow-up games to the series debut releases Enchanted Riches and Conquests & Treasures, Konami’s latest Dungeons & Dragons themes include dungeon maze adventures and monster battle bonuses that allow casino players to experience the thrill and reward of the iconic gaming legend.

“Our new Dungeons & Dragons games offer a rich fantasy experience that equips casinos with a diversity of entertainment to reach and retain new audiences,” said Matt Reback, vice president, marketing at Konami. “Similar to the first games, this second instalment offers novel bonus features and graphic art elements but remains rooted in the primary components that core slot players appreciate.”

Xtra Reward, Nudging Double Action Stacked Symbols, full-reel wilds, and progressive jackpots are a few of the key game mechanics showcased within the new themes. This second installment of Konami Dungeons & Dragons games also carries a unique fire blaze bezel that accentuates the machine’s tall-top 32” monitor.

“Players get to increase their chance for a higher progressive jackpot prize by rolling 20-sided die and battling unique monsters from random difficulty levels. They can even navigate through a darkened dungeon cavern, encountering monsters, traps, and credit prize treasures,” said Mr. Reback. “The artwork and animation are unique and memorable so that regardless of a player’s familiarity with the Dungeons & Dragons brand, they’ll grab hold of the game’s rhythm and bonus adventures with the enthusiasm that Konami games are known to produce.”

Both new Dungeons & Dragons themes are currently available across the US and Canada.

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