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Argentina- New law on cards for Corrientes

By - 22 October 2013

Local politicians in the province of Corrientes are considering a new gaming act which would permit both slot parlours and casinos.

Legislator Lucía Aurora Portela de Alvarez told local press that a new law would help end the growth of illegal gaming and would establish a clear legislative framework for operators.

Pointing out that there are currently no laws in place which limit the growth of gaming, Lucía Aurora Portela de Alvarez said that a new law would establish clear player protection measures and would also include strict rules in order to protect the vulnerable from gaming addiction. Meanwhile, tax income generated by the industry would be used for social welfare programmes.

According to the initial draft any concession or license to commercially exploit gambling, betting centers, in all its forms including slot parlours, casinos and bingo must first be approved by a special two thirds majority of both the houses of the legislature. Although at an early stage operators will face a number of restrictions and will have to meet with a number of requirements.

Operators will have to charge admission to slot parlours, casinos and bingo halls and funds collected for the payment of entry tickets will be used to help the treatment of gambling addiction.  The new law also stipulates that casinos and gambling halls must not be located in low income neighbourhoods and that any concession for the operation of slot parlours, casinos and bingo, would require that they operate at a distance of not less than 10 kilometres from town centers.

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