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Asia – MGM hits with lawsuit

By - 17 March 2017

MGM Resorts has hit a cybersquatter using the brand to operate an online gambling site in Asia with a lawsuit.

Filed at the US District Court for the District of Nevada on March 9, MGM accused the site of infringing its trademarks. The filing accuses the operator of ‘impersonating MGM and trading off of the substantial fame goodwill and consumer recognition.’

The Chinese-language gambling site has used MGM’s trademarks, including its lion logo, on the website in an attempt to ‘lure gamblers to gamble at its illicit website.’

The Las Vegas operator wants injunctive relief against the online site, along with the transfer of the domain name, plus compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorneys’ fees and costs.

MGM operates more than 20 resort properties across the US and abroad and has used the ‘MGM’ trademark since 1973.The filing details that the company owns the trademark ‘MGM’ for classes 41 and 42 and a logo depicting a circular lion head.

“Notably,’s home page even contains a false copyright notice at the bottom of the home page, stating Copyright MGM Resorts International,” the claim added.

It is not the first time MGM has had to defend its copyright online. In 2008, Panama-based online fraud Smart Answer lost a lawsuit for utilising MGM brand names, such as Mirage, Bellagio, Circus Circus, and Mandalay Bay.

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