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G2E – Heber to launch XTouch button for gaming controllers

By - 24 September 2015

At this year’s G2E show in Las Vegas, Heber will be demonstrating its new XTouch technology for gaming machines.

Heber has created the XTouch technology to produce a range of new through- glass touch buttons, made to custom specification, that replace the traditional “spin”, “nudge”, “hold” and any other mechanical switches on game machines.

XTouch offers game developers and manufacturers the ability to provide improved game play and player interaction. In machines that are glass fronted, the XTouch technology can be used to seamlessly replace mechanical switches obviating the need to drill holes in the glass. This allows the switch icons to be integrated into the artwork on the glass front, rather than breaking up and detracting from the themed graphics that can occur with standard switches.

The XTouch technology is mounted behind a wipe-clean glass or perspex sheet, protected from ingress, on which the mechanical switches would traditionally be found. LEDs incorporated on the XTouch provide a spectacular LED backlight to attract the attention of new players. XTouch senses players touching the glass in a similar manner to a smart phone screen, offering a new way for players to interact with a game machine.

XTouch is ideal for all gaming and amusement machines, and can be customised to a range of different sizes, ensuring a bespoke design that is perfect for a wide range of switch applications.

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